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Secure a sturdy plan for your travel trailer.

What car and truck insurance policies cover for a travel trailer varies by province. For example, your trailer may be covered for liability only when it’s attached to your vehicle. An independent insurance broker can wade through the various regulations to provide you comprehensive trailer coverage for wherever you travel.


  1. Customized Policies

    Your trailer trailer should carry its own coverage, and we  can customize your policy based on your usage. Whether you are a snowbird, a full-timer, or just a summer vacationer, we will work to provide coverage that best suits your needs.

  2. Personalized Reviews

    No two trailer policies are the same—different limits, different locations, and different needs. Our free, personalized review helps determine the right coverage for you, at the right price.

  3. Help with Claims

    If you must file a claim, we will be your advocates to guide you through the process.


Personal Belongings Coverage

Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance doesn’t cover belongings kept in your trailer year-round. This coverage applies to personal property that would otherwise go uninsured..

Emergency Vacation Expense

If an unexpected breakdown or event causes you to file a claim while on your trip, you will be covered for the repair and any other incurred expenses so that you can enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Sheds and Decks

Detached structures such as sheds and decks must be covered but may not be under your homeowner policy. This customized policy covers these, as well as other trailer accessories such as awnings, satellite dishes, and generators.


Guaranteed Replacement Cost

In the event your RV is written off, this depreciation-free coverage buys you a new, comparable trailer, rather than just reimburse at your RV’s current value.

Roadside Assistance

This option pays for towing if your vehicle suffers a breakdown, offers 24/7 telephone assistance, and provides other emergency roadside services anywhere in Canada or the continental United States.

Full-Timer’s Coverage

Full-time RV residents encounter many unique insurance decisions. Our insurance advisors can describe these considerations so you have the right coverage before you hit the road.

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