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Whether you’re planning on using your travel trailer to explore the great outdoors or to escape Airdrie’s long winters, you’ll need travel trailer insurance. Why? If your trailer is damaged, you don’t want to pay to repair or replace it entirely out of pocket. Our travel trailer insurance can help cover these costs and can also come with perks like emergency vacation expense coverage and roadside assistance.

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Is Travel Trailer insurance required in Airdrie?

Travel trailer insurance isn’t legally required in Airdrie. However, if you’ve financed your RV, your lender will likely require you to have insurance coverage. It’s also a good idea to have if you couldn’t afford major affairs or to replace your travel trailer if it’s damaged.

No one wants to think of the worst-case scenario but if you’re involved in an accident, you’ll be prepared to face the aftermath without worrying with proper insurance coverage.

Does my car or home insurance policy cover my Travel Trailer?

It depends. If you’re in an accident at any point on your adventure, of course you want to be protected. But your car insurance policy will only offer liability insurance and your home insurance may only offer limited protection or even none at all.

A car insurance policy will only cover you for third-party liability insurance for your trailer when you’re towing it. If you’re in an accident, your insurance will not cover any damage to your trailer. In some cases, another driver’s insurance may cover repair or replacement but will depend on the situation and their coverage.

Some home insurance companies will allow you to add your travel trailer to your policy. However, there are several potential cons to doing this:

  • Limited coverage
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Full value insurance is dependent on your trailer.
  • Home rates can increase due to claims.

Not every insurer will allow you to add your trailer to your policy either.

It’s advised to chat with a travel trailer insurance broker in Airdrie about your specific needs before you head out on the open road.

What does travel trailer insurance cost in Airdrie?

The cost to insure your travel trailer in Airdrie starts at $200 per year. The final cost will depend on many factors, including the type and value of your trailer. Travel trailer insurance in general more affordable but it will depend on your trailer and how you use it.

What impacts travel trailer insurance rates in Airdrie?

Airdrie’s travel trailer insurance rates are calculated based on many factors including:

  • The market value of your trailer.
  • The new purchase price of your trailer.
  • The type of trailer.
  • The length of your trailer.
  • The make, model and year of your trailer.
  • How you use your trailer.
  • Your demographics.
  • Your insurance history.
  • Your insurance options including deductible, policy limits, coverage and loss settlement option.

Have questions? Want to see how much your travel trailer will cost to insure? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose RV Direct for your travel trailer needs in Airdrie?

Not to boast but choosing RV Direct for your travel trailer insurance needs is a no-brainer. Why?
We are:

  • Campers ourselves, which means we understand your needs.
  • Experts in travel trailer insurance.
  • Independent – you can trust our advice.
  • Able to get you multiple quotes to get you the best coverage at the best price.
  • Super nice people!

What does travel trailer insurance cover in Airdrie?

Whether you’re a new camper or an experienced one, it’s important to understand what travel trailer insurance will cover in Airdrie and beyond.

The main area of protection for Airdrie residents and their trailers is coverage for physical damage and loss. This means if your trailer is damaged by an insured peril, your insurance will help cover repairs or replacement.

For example, let’s your trailer is parked in your driveway in preparation for a camping trip the next day. Airdrie is struck by a major hailstorm and your trailer’s roof is badly damaged. Your insurance will cover repairing the roof, minus your deductible.

Our policies can also include coverage for your trailer’s contents and outbuildings, emergency vacation expenses, personal and/or premises liability, roadside assistance, and even coverage for renting out your trailer through a platform like Outdoorsy.

Physical Damage and Loss Protection with Airdrie Travel Trailer Insurance

Travel trailer repairs can be pricey, so it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance and care. What you can’t control is a hail or windstorm, not to mention someone stealing from your trailer. That’s why having great travel trailer insurance in Airdrie is key to financial happiness.

Your travel trailer insurance covers physical damage caused by an insured peril to your trailer, its contents (things normally stored in your trailer) and outbuildings (such as a shed or deck if you have a permanent site).

Insured Perils

Insured perils are the causes of damage that are covered by your insurance. Here are a few perils that you can protect yourself against with travel trailer insurance in Airdrie:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Collision
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Lightning
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Falling inanimate objects
  • Impact from: vehicle, boat, or aircraft

A full list of covered perils (or exclusions in the case of a comprehensive policy) can be found in your policy documents. Some perils may require additional coverage to be purchased such as overland water (flooding) protection.

Comprehensive Personal liability

If a visitor steps into your trailer, falls and gets hurt, or you unintentionally cause damage to someone’s property and you get sued, a travel trailer insurance policy will cover your legal fees. This is usually covered by your homeowners policy. We add this if you are a temporary resident only.

Premises Liability

If your travel trailer is parked on a lot rented or leased by you and someone gets hurt or injured while visiting you, you’ll have financial protection if you get sued.  For example, your RV resort lot or storage location.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

Our policies include emergency vacation expenses. If you have a covered claim, this can help cover accommodation while your RV is being repaired or transportation to get you home or to continue on with your adventures. We offer different levels of coverage so you can get the basics or go the extra mile and purchase additional vacation expenses coverage for all your needs.

Roadside Assistance

We know what it’s like to get stranded in the middle of nowhere while camping or on the highway to your next destination. Luckily, our Airdrie travel trailer insurance policies include roadside assistance. This can include:

  • Basic towing coverage
  • Battery boost
  • Lock-out
  • Fuel delivery
  • Flat tire fix

You can also purchase extended roadside assistance coverage.

What is not covered by travel trailer insurance in Airdrie?

It’s important for Airdrie residents who love their trailer adventures to also know what is not included in a travel trailer insurance policy.

A few things not covered by your travel trailer insurance policy:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Wet or dry rot
  • Seepage or slow leakage
  • Rodents and vermin
  • Insects
  • Wear and tear
  • Material, workmanship or design defect

Every policy is different and may exclude other items not listed above. Talk to your insurance broker or insurer to get the full list of exclusions in your policy documents.

What types of Optional Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage are available in Airdrie?

Below we’ve listed three optional travel trailer insurance coverages:

Increased Limits/Coverage

Increased limits on your policy will give you the flexibility you need if you require more coverage. Basically, you can upgrade to have more protection.

For example, if you’re retired and travel to the US in your trailer or you have a permanent lot complete with a deck, shed and fence, you may want to increase limits and coverage option.

Extra Roadside Assistance

Customers of RV Direct have the option to purchase extra roadside services for the longer treks or extra peace of mind.

RV-Sharing/Rental Endorsement

Are you using your trailer part-time and want some extra income? You may decide to rent out your travel trailer to other worthy travelers in Airdrie. But you’ll need an RV-sharing or RV rental endorsement to ensure you’re covered and your RV is protected.

If you don’t remember to get the proper insurance endorsement, you’ll likely be on the hook to pay for any claims that don’t go through your insurer. Renting your trailer is a commercial endeavor and not consider a personal use activity stated under your policy.

Contact us to discuss which platforms or scenarios are covered and to add this endorsement to your policy.

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