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A travel trailer helps Okotoks residents explore the nearby natural landscapes or allows them to escape further afield to BC or even to the US to chase the warm weather. Near or far, we can help you travel in style with a sense of calm, knowing if something happens, you’ll be covered.

RV Direct specializes in trailer insurance in Okotoks. We have unparalleled experience and expertise when it comes to protecting trailers. We’re also independent, which means we work for you and offer truly honest advice. And finally, our coverage is comprehensive and affordable – a winning combination!

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Is Travel Trailer insurance required in Okotoks?

No, travel trailer insurance is not required to tow or store your trailer in Okotoks. Travel trailer insurance is recommended to protect yourself financially and provide peace of mind if something unexpected happens. Otherwise, you’ll be paying out of pocket.

If your trailer is financed, your lender may require physical damage coverage. All of our policies include this as part of their protection. If you rent a seasonal or permanent lot, you may also be required to carry premises liability coverage, which we can also provide.

Does my car or home insurance policy cover my Travel Trailer?

When you’re towing your travel trailer and you have an accident, your auto policy does cover you for third-party liability insurance. But what about repair costs for your trailer? Unfortunately, if you rely on your auto insurance you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket for those pesky bills.

Some people may be able to put their travel trailer under a home insurance policy. Here’s why it’s not the best idea to do so:

  • You may have limited coverage or doesn’t include the coverage you require
  • Your trailer may not be insured to its full value
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Your home insurance rates will rise if you have any claims.

An independent travel trailer insurance policy will save you time and money in the long run. Plus it comes with additional perks!

What does travel trailer insurance cost in Okotoks?

Our travel trailer insurance policies in Okotoks start at $200 per year. Your rates will depend on a number of factors, but generally the more valuable your trailer, the higher your rates.

What impacts travel trailer insurance rates in Okotoks?

Your travel trailer insurance premium in Okotoks depends on many factors, including:

  • Your trailer’s make, model and year
  • The market value of your trailer (how much you could sell it for today)
  • The purchase price or RRSP value of your trailer (how much your trailer would cost to buy new)
  • How you use your trailer
  • Your insurance history
  • Your insurance options like coverage and deductible

Insurers may offer discounts which your broker will apply when getting you a quote.

What does travel trailer insurance cover in Okotoks?

Our Okotoks travel trailer insurance includes four main areas of coverage:

  • Physical damage and loss to your trailer, its contents and outbuildings. Repairs or replacement is covered if the damage is caused by an insured peril like hail, wind or fire.
  • Emergency vacation expenses, which helps cover additional costs if you have a covered claim for things like accommodation and transportation.
  • Personal and/or premises liability – Helps cover legal expenses if someone is hurt or has their property damaged when visiting your trailer or due to your unintentional actions.
  • Basic Roadside assistance which includes coverage for lockout, running out of gas, tire changes and limited towing. You can extend your roadside assistance on some policies as well.

We also offer optional coverages:

  • Extended liability or contents coverage – if you require additional protection, we can help.
  • RV Sharing or RV Rental – If you’d like to rent out your RV, add this endorsement to your policy and list your trailer on the approved platform. This will ensure you’re covered while you’re renting out your trailer.
  • Extended roadside assistance.

Give us a call to talk about your coverage options. We can advise you on which protection you need based on your individual situation.

What is not covered by travel trailer insurance in Okotoks?

Travel trailer insurance is designed to protect Okotoks residents from unexpected events. It doesn’t cover things that can be prevented if caught early or through proper maintenance.

  • Here are some things not covered by travel trailer insurance in Okotoks:
  • Damage by vermin, rodents and insects.
  • Material or workmanship defects.
  • Wet or dry rot.
  • Slow leakage or seepage.
  • Intentional or criminal actions by you.

Your policy will include the full list of exclusions. We recommend reading it through to understand exactly what isn’t covered. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Why Choose RV Direct for your travel trailer needs in Okotoks?

Buying travel trailer insurance from the experts in Okotoks is a good idea.  a

We offer:

  • Independent insurance advice.
  • Unparalleled experience and expertise in trailer insurance.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Quick turnarounds with in-house underwriting.
  • Affordable, comprehensive coverage.

Get your travel trailer insurance quote in Okotoks with us today and see for yourself.

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