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Imagine this scenario: it’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and you’re all packed up to head down to Waterton for the weekend. It’s pretty windy once you leave Lethbridge and get onto highway 5, but you’re used to it and don’t think much of it. But suddenly, a huge gust or sind catches your truck and trailer and you’re fishtailing. Are you covered if you flip or end up in the ditch?

Travel trailer insurance in Lethbridge can help protect you if the unexpected happens. RV Direct Insurance offers comprehensive and affordable insurance tailored to your individual needs. Get a Lethbridge travel trailer quote today or read on to learn more about this protection.

Why Work with RV Direct Insurance in Lethbridge for Your Travel Trailer Insurance

At RV Direct Insurance, we specialize in Lethbridge travel trailer insurance:

  • We’re independent. We work for you, not an insurance company.
  • We off comprehensive, tailored coverage that fits your situation.
  • We offer affordable insurance, starting at just $200 per year.
  • We offer un-paralleled experience and knowledge as our Lethbridge travel trailer insurance brokers specialize in this type of insurance.
  • We’re campers, too. We understand the lifestyle because we’re part of it.

Give us a call at 403-271-7831 if you’d like to experience the difference with RV Direct Insurance for yourself.

How to Get a Travel Trailer Insurance Quote in Lethbridge

You can get a Lethbridge travel trailer insurance quote by:

Our brokers will be happy to answer any questions and discuss your options.

What does travel trailer insurance cost in Lethbridge?

Lethbridge travel trailer insurance starts at $200 per year. The cost will go up based on the value of your trailer and your choices regarding your insurance. It is also affected by many other risk factors.

What affects Lethbridge travel trailer insurance rates?

The following factors affect travel trailer insurance rates in Lethbridge:

  • The make, model and year of your trailer
  • The value of your trailer (either market value or purchase price)
  • How you use your trailer
  • Your demographics
  • Your insurance history
  • Your insurance options, including deductible, policy limits, coverage, and loss settlement

Your broker can help you choose the right policy for your budget and needs.

What does travel trailer insurance cover in Lethbridge?

There are four main areas of coverage for Lethbridge travel trailer insurance:

  • Physical damage and loss
  • Emergency vacation expenses
  • Personal and/or premises liability
  • Roadside assistance

There are also several optional coverages that we offer.

Physical Damage and Loss Protection with Lethbridge Travel Trailer Insurance

Your travel trailer insurance in Lethbridge covers physical damage to your trailer, its contents (things normally stored in your trailer) and outbuildings (like a shed or deck).

Covered perils (causes of physical damage) include:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Collision
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Lightning
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Flooding
  • Falling objects (like a tree)
  • Impact (by a vehicle, boat, or aircraft)
  • And more!

Remember that insurance is for unexpected disasters. Your policy documents will outline exactly what is covered – feel free to ask your Lethbridge travel trailer insurance broker if you have any questions about your coverage.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

Emergency vacation expenses help you cover extra costs if you have a covered claim while you’re camping or snowbirding. These can be used while you wait for repairs or to get you home or to continue your vacation.

At RV Direct Insurance, we include $3000 of emergency vacation expenses at no charge on all of our Lethbridge travel trailer insurance policies. You can also choose to purchase additional emergency vacation expense coverage.

Personal and/or Premises Liability

If you travel full-time in your trailer or have it permanently parked, you should consider purchasing personal liability or premises liability, respectively.

  • Personal Liability – Normally covered by a home policy, personal liability covers you if your unintentional actions cause someone else harm or property damage or if they get hurt or have their property damaged while visiting your trailer.
  • Premises Liability – If someone gets hurt or injured while visiting your permanent lot and sues, this protection helps cover legal expenses.

Roadside Assistance

Our Lethbridge travel trailer insurance policies come with basic roadside assistance. This includes:

  • Limited towing
  • Battery boost
  • Door unlock
  • Fuel delivery
  • Flat tire fix

Optional Coverage for Travel Trailer Insurance in Lethbridge

Here are some optional coverages for travel trailers in Lethbridge:

Outdoorsy RV-Sharing/Rental Endorsement

Did you know that your Lethbridge travel trailer insurance doesn’t cover renting or participating in an RV-sharing program? Accepting money in exchange for the use of your trailer means you’re using your trailer commercially. Your travel trailer insurance only covers personal use – if you have a claim due to or during a rental, it will likely be denied and your entire policy could be void.

Luckily, there is now an option if you’d like to earn a little money when you’re not using your trailer. You can now list it through Outdoorsy and rest assured that you’re covered.

Note: You can only list your travel trailer on Outdoorsy – no other RV sharing or rental service. You must purchase the endorsement in order to be covered.

Increased Limits/Coverage

We offer flexibility with our coverage – if you need more protection than the basic comprehensive Lethbridge travel trailer insurance package, you can always upgrade.

For example, if you travel full-time in your trailer, you may want additional coverage for your contents. Or, if you have a permanent lot that you’ve outfitted with a fence, deck, and a shed, you may want additional protection there. We can accommodate that!

We recommend anyone who snowbirds, travels full-time or has a permanent lot consider increasing their limits and coverage.

Elite Roadside Assistance

You can upgrade your basic roadside assistance to elite roadside assistance!

This includes:

  • Additional towing
  • Trip planning
  • Travel and emergency medical advice
  • Pet assistance

What isn’t covered by travel trailer insurance in Lethbridge?

The following perils (causes of damage) aren’t covered by Lethbridge travel trailer insurance:

  • Extreme temperatures (I.e. freezing)
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Wet or dry rot
  • Seepage or slow leakage
  • Rodents and vermin
  • Insects
  • Wear and tear
  • Material, workmanship or design defect
  • … and more.

The full list of exclusions can be found inside your policy documents. If you have any questions, please talk to one of our Lethbridge travel trailer insurance brokers. They’re also available to help you through the claims process.

Is travel trailer insurance required in Lethbridge?

No, travel trailer insurance isn’t required in Lethbridge. However, it is a good idea to have insurance if you can’t pay to fix or replace your trailer out of pocket. It also comes with benefits such as emergency vacation expenses and roadside assistance.

Do I need travel trailer insurance year-round in Lethbridge?

Yes, our Lethbridge travel trailer insurance policies are year-round or annual. This is for several reasons:

  • Damage or theft can occur to your trailer at any time, even if it’s parked in a secure storage facility
  • The policy is priced to be paid annually or monthly over a year
  • If you regularly cancel your policy, you may see higher rates

Do my car or home insurance policies cover my travel trailer?

Your car insurance extends third party liability coverage to your trailer while you’re towing it.

You can add a travel trailer to some home insurance policies, but there are several drawbacks:

  • Not all trailers are eligible for coverage
  • Your trailer may not be insured to its full value
  • There may be limited coverage
  • You have to submit any claims through your home policy which can raise your rates
  • Your deductible may be higher

Talk to one of our brokers about a Lethbridge travel trailer insurance policy to learn about the benefits. Our coverage is comprehensive and affordable.

What are common travel trailer insurance claims in Lethbridge?

Common travel trailer insurance claims in Lethbridge are:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Theft

A travel trailer insurance policy can protect you from these types of claims.