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Broker Services & Compensation

As your independent insurance broker, RV Direct Insurance purchases insurance products and services on your behalf that are available, affordable and understandable. Our role is to provide you with the best insurance value that combines coverage, service and price. We also provide personalized quality service that includes professional insurance advice, on-going policy maintenance and claims support. When any issue arises regarding your insurance coverage, we are your advocates, using our professional experience to best represent your individual interest.

Brokerage compensation is part of your insurance premium. In addition to the insurance companies we represent under contract, RV Direct Insurance may place risks with speciality markets when it is in our client’s best interest. In most cases, these speciality markets provide compensation at a lower rate than the insurers we represent. In some cases, it may be necessary for us to charge a fee in lieu of or in addition to the commission payable under the insurance policy. In these cases, we will disclose both the fee and any commission payable under the insurance policy.

In order for us to maintain strong relationships with quality insurers, we work with each to provide the type of business they desire. Some insurers recognize our efforts through a contingent commission contract. Payment of this contingent commission depends on a combination of profitability (loss ratio) and/or growth (usually over a number of years) and/or increased services that we provide on behalf of the Insurer. In some instances, the occurrence of a few large losses on our book of business can disqualify us from receiving a contingent commission for one or more years. For detailed information on contingent commission, please go to the individual insurer websites.

RV Direct Insurance is independent of all insurers (there is no common ownership). If you have any additional questions or require other information regarding any of the compensation received by RV Direct Insurance for any of its insurance brokerage services, please do not hesitate to contact your broker.

Insurance Product Availability

RV Direct Insurance is licensed in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We only offer insurance in these four provinces at this time.


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RV Direct Insurance’s website is provided for informational purposes only. You should not solely act or rely on the information on this website. We recommend seeking advice directly from one of our licensed insurance brokers.

In the event of any conflict between your insurance policy and the information provided on the RV Direct Insurance website, your insurance policy documents will prevail.

Online Insurance Quotes

You may request an insurance quote online via the RV Direct Insurance website. You must disclose all material facts that may affect your coverage and premium. All information you provide must be correct and accurate. Otherwise, we may not be able to provide you with an accurate insurance quote. Not all people who request an online insurance quote will qualify for an insurance policy.

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