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How to Submit an RV Insurance Claim

It’s very easy to submit a claim with RV Direct Insurance. Simply contact us by phone, email, or online web form to start your claims process.

If you need to submit a claim after hours, please call Aviva Elite directly at 1-866-692-8482. Please still notify us that you’ve submitted a claim, as we can help you through this process.

Do I need to submit an RV insurance claim?

Please give us a call or send us an email if you’re not sure if you should submit a claim. We can review your coverage and the situation and advise on what your next step should be.

Does submitting a claim affect my RV insurance rates?

Submitting a claim can affect your RV insurance rates, but it will depend on the situation. Talk to one of our brokers for more information about the impact of claims on your RV insurance premiums.

How long will it take for my claim to be settled?

The time it takes to resolve a claim will vary depending on the situation. Your broker will be able to give you updates and advocate on your behalf when it comes to settling your claim.

Will my RV insurance claim be covered?

Whether or not your claim is covered will depend on your RV insurance coverage. Our brokers will be able to review your coverage and help with the claims process.