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With stunning mountain, forest and prairie landscapes nearby, it’s no wonder Edmonton residents love to camp. And with more options for travel trailers on the market, camping has become more comfortable and often more accessible than ever.

But travel trailer owners don’t always have the right insurance to protect their trailer or its contents.

At RV Direct Insurance, we offer you an insurance package that’s affordable and fits your unique lifestyle. We give you the right insurance at the right price.

Why Choose RV Direct Insurance as Your Edmonton Travel Trailer Insurance Brokers

You should choose RV Direct Insurance as your travel trailer insurance broker in Edmonton because:

  • We’re experts.Our brokers’ knowledge and experience are unparalleled.
  • We’re independent. We work for you, not an insurance company.
  • We offer comprehensive coverage that is tailored for your individual situation.
  • Our insurance is affordable.Protecting your travel trailer won’t break the bank.
  • We’re campers, too. We understand the lifestyle because we’re part of it.

How to Get a Travel Trailer Insurance Quote in Edmonton

You can get a travel trailer insurance quote in Edmonton by:

Our Edmonton travel trailer insurance brokers will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Why Do I need travel trailer insurance in Edmonton?

Travel trailer insurance is not required by law in Edmonton. But it’s good practice to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Could you afford to repair or replace your travel trailer out of pocket?
  2. Could you replace your trailer’s contents if they were stolen?
  3. If you lease a site, is your liability covered?
  4. Would you like help covering emergency expenses if something happens?

Our travel trailer insurance policies are tailored to Edmonton’s residents. We get you the coverage you need based on your trailer, how you use it and how much coverage you want.

What does Edmonton travel trailer insurance cover?

Our Edmonton travel trailer insurance package can cover four main areas:

  • Physical damage to your trailer, its contents and outbuildings
  • Emergency vacation expenses to get you back on the road or home if you have a covered claim
  • Personal liability and/or premises liability
  • Roadside assistance

Exactly what coverage you need will depend on your individual situation. Our Edmonton travel trailer insurance brokers can help you tailor an insurance package that works for your needs and budget.

What’s covered and what isn’t covered will be outlined in your policy documents. Our brokers can answer any of your questions as well as explain the overall policy.

Is my travel trailer covered under my home or car insurance policy?

When you are towing your trailer, your car insurance will cover the third party liability and accident benefits coverage if you are at-fault in an accident. It will not cover any collision or comprehensive damage to your trailer when you are towing. It does not provide any protection when your trailer is not hitched to your vehicle.

Some home insurance policies allow you to add a travel trailer but there are several limitations:

  • Coverage is often more limited when compared to a separate travel trailer insurance policy
  • You need to file any claims through your home insurance (which will likely raise your rates)
  • You may have a much higher deductible
  • Trailers are often only insured to a certain amount (which is not good if you have a high-value trailer
  • There are no perks that come with a travel trailer insurance policy like roadside assitance or emergency vacation expense

Contact us today to discuss your Edmonton travel trailer insurance and to get a quote!

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How do I get the cheapest travel trailer insurance in Edmonton?

Who doesn’t want the cheapest travel trailer insurance in Edmonton? While cheapest may not always be best, we understand price is a very important factor. Here are our tips to get the best price:

  • Contact one of our skilled brokers to get the best rate and coverage.
  • Increase your deductible.
  • Get an approved security device for your trailer.
  • Become a member of an approved RV club.
  • Get a soft credit check (it won’t impact your credit score).
  • Bundle up with our home and auto insurance policies (ask about our group program)
  • Don’t pause or stop any of your insurance policies. Keep a solid insurance policy history.

There may also be discounts if you park your trailer on a seasonal or permanent site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review our frequently asked questions about travel trailer insurance in Edmonton.

Does my car insurance cover my travel trailer?

Your auto insurance policy will only cover your travel trailer for third-party liability when your trailer is being towed. If you’re in an accident and damage occurs to your travel trailer, you may be responsible for repairs or replacement without a separate travel trailer policy. If you’re involved with your trailer and you’re at-fault in an accident, your vehicle insurance policy will only cover damage to others.

Does my home insurance cover my travel trailer?

In some circumstances, your home insurance policy will cover your travel trailer. But there are cons to taking this route, which we cover below.

  • If you have a high-value travel trailer, the full value may not be covered.
  • Sheds, decks, and other outbuildings may not be included in the policy.
  • Premises liability may not be available.
  • Your deductible may be higher than you’d like.
  • If you submit a claim for your travel trailer under your home policy, your insurance rates will increase. This can be much more expensive than if you have a claim on a trailer insurance policy.

We recommend you consider a separate travel trailer insurance policy for your adventures in and out of Edmonton. This will provide you the best value for money and the right coverage.

Am I covered if my travel trailer gets stolen?

Yes. If you have an Edmonton travel trailer insurance policy, you will be covered if your trailer gets swiped. You may have to wait for the police to investigate the theft before you get reimbursement under your claim.

Am I covered if I travel to the U.S. or Mexico with my trailer?

You will NOT have trailer insurance if you travel to Mexico.
We do cover travel to the US, but only for a limited time (usually six months a year). But don’t forget to let your insurer know you’re headed south!

Am I covered for hail damage to my trailer?

Hail is common in Edmonton and even more so in other places in Alberta. So, you’ll be happy to hear that a travel trailer policy covers you for hail damage and many other physical damage claims (wind, tree branch hitting your trailer, fire and more).

Are my personal belongings covered by my Edmonton travel trailer insurance?

Yes, your travel trailer insurance covers personal belongings normally found in a trailer such as linens, dishes, and other camping gear. If you’re bringing expensive items or things not normally stored in a trailer, you should speak to your broker to ensure you have adequate protection.

Do I need to insure my travel trailer year-round in Edmonton?

Yes, we highly recommend you get travel trailer insurance for the full year.
Why? Because:

  1. A loss or damage to your trailer can happen while in storage or out on the road.
  2. If you cancel 6 months out of the year, your premiums will be higher than if you purchase an annual policy and keep it active every year.

How does my insurance policy protect my trailer if I have a permanent lot?

If you store your travel trailer on a lot, you should have insurance that reflects your unique situation. Our policies can include: Your policy could include:

  • Premises liability insurance
  • Coverage for outbuildings like sheds, decks, bunkhouses, fences and more
  • Additional contents coverage, if required

Ask your broker about any discounts that may apply if your trailer is on a lot.

If I lend my trailer to a friend, am I covered by my Edmonton travel trailer insurance?

Yes, if you lend your travel trailer to a friend and have the proper insurance, you will be covered, except for certain circumstances, including:

  • Money was exchanged between you and your friend to use the trailer. This would be a commercial transaction and you would not be covered under insurance.
  • Damage to your trailer was caused by your friend intentionally or because of their criminal activities.

We recommend only lending your trailer to a friend you trust and who is responsible.

How to Get Affordable Coverage for your Travel Trailer

At RV Direct, we understand your travel trailer needs because we are recreational vehicle owners, campers, hikers and general outdoor enthusiasts.

We also specialize in RVs of all types – we invest in learning what unique coverage you need. Enjoy your adventures in Edmonton and beyond with the best coverage that rides with you.

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