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With stunning mountain, forest and prairie landscapes nearby, it’s no wonder that Edmonton residents love to camp. Travel trailers help make camping more comfortable and help campers deal with the wild Alberta weather. But many Edmonton travel trailer owners don’t have the right insurance to protect their relaxation time. Do you know if you’re covered if you end up driving through a hailstorm or getting caught in a flash flood?

At RV Direct Insurance, we can get you comprehensive and affordable coverage that fits your individual situation. Get an Edmonton travel trailer insurance quote today!

Why Choose RV Direct Insurance as Your Edmonton Travel Trailer Insurance Brokers

You should choose RV Direct Insurance as your travel trailer insurance broker in Edmonton because:

  • We’re experts.Our brokers’ knowledge and experience are unparalleled.
  • We’re independent. We work for you, not an insurance company.
  • We offer comprehensive coverage that is tailored for your individual situation.
  • Our insurance is affordable.Protecting your travel trailer won’t break the bank.
  • We’re campers, too. We understand the lifestyle because we’re part of it.

How to Get a Travel Trailer Insurance Quote in Edmonton

You can get a travel trailer insurance quote in Edmonton by:

Our Edmonton travel trailer insurance brokers will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Do I need travel trailer insurance in Edmonton?

Travel trailer insurance is not required by law in Edmonton. Could you afford to repair or replace your travel trailer out of pocket if it suffered unexpected damage or was stolen? Could you replace your trailer’s contents? If the answer is no, you should get insurance.

What does Edmonton travel trailer insurance cover?

Our Edmonton travel trailer insurance package can cover four main areas:

  • Physical damage to your trailer, its contents and outbuildings
  • Emergency vacation expenses to get you back on the road or home if you have a covered claim
  • Personal liability and/or premises liability
  • Roadside assistance

Exactly what coverage you need will depend on your individual situation. Our Edmonton travel trailer insurance brokers can help you tailor an insurance package that works for your needs and budget.

What’s covered and what isn’t covered will be outlined in your policy documents. Our brokers can answer any of your questions as well as explain the overall policy.

Isn’t my travel trailer covered under my home or car insurance policies?

When you are towing your trailer, your car insurance will cover the third party liability and accident benefits coverage if you are at-fault in an accident. It will not cover any collision or comprehensive damage to your trailer when you are towing. It does not provide any protection when your trailer is not hitched to your vehicle.

Some home insurance policies allow you to add a travel trailer but there are several limitations:

  • Coverage is often more limited when compared to a separate travel trailer insurance policy
  • You need to file any claims through your home insurance (which will likely raise your rates)
  • You may have a much higher deductible
  • Trailers are often only insured to a certain amount (which is not good if you have a high-value trailer
  • There are no perks that come with a travel trailer insurance policy like roadside assitance or emergency vacation expense

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