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With such incredible campgrounds and nature nearby (and an awful winter you may want to escape), it’s no surprise Leduc residents are avid RVers. Many people opt for a travel trailer to improve their comfort levels while camping and extend their camping season.

One way to protect your recreation and relaxation time is to get travel trailer insurance in Leduc. This reduces the financial burden of an unexpected event and can get you back to camping as fast as possible.

RV Direct are travel trailer insurance specialists and offer Leduc residents comprehensive, affordable protection. Get a quote today or read on to learn more about this coverage.

Is Travel Trailer insurance required in Leduc?

Travel trailer insurance is not required by law in Leduc. But without a sold insurance policy, you may be left with pricey repair bills or even legal expenses. If your trailer is financed, your lender may also require you to have insurance coverage to protect their investment.

We recommend travel trailer insurance as it’s affordable and offers a lot of protection for the price. It can help get you back to camping faster if disaster strikes and reduce the financial impact of an unexpected event.

Does my car or home insurance policy cover my Travel Trailer?

You’re headed out on Highway 2 North on your way to Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area for a fun weekend away from the hustle and bustle. You stop in at West Edmonton Mall to get some supplies and the top of your trailer hits a canopy as you stop for gas. In this case, your auto insurance will cover repairs to property or another vehicle but it won’t cover any damage your trailer has sustained.

While towing your trailer, your auto insurance will extend third-party liability and accidents benefits coverage. It doesn’t offer any coverage for physical damage and covers nothing at all when you’re not hauling your trailer.

How about your home insurance policy? While sometimes you can add your travel trailer to your home insurance policy, it may not cover everything you need.

Below are a few disadvantages to adding your trailer to your home insurance policy:

  • Limited coverage
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Your trailer may not be adequately insured
  • Home premiums can increase due to claims.

The best solution is to purchase separate travel trailer insurance.

What does travel trailer insurance cost in Leduc?

Starting at $200 per year, travel trailer insurance costs are lower than annual vehicle insurance or home insurance prices. Your rates will depend on the type of trailer and how you use your RV among other factors.

What impacts travel trailer insurance rates in Leduc?

There are several factors that affect your travel trailer insurance rate in Leduc, including:

  • Trailer’s make, model, year.
  • Your trailer’s value (market value and/or purchase price)
  • How you use your trailer
  • Your insurance history (including previous claims and if you’ve had trailer insurance consistently)
  • Your insurance options (including deductible, coverage, policy limits, and loss settlement option)

Get a travel trailer insurance quote today in Leduc by giving us a call at 403-271-7831 or requesting a quote online.

Why Choose RV Direct for your travel trailer needs in Leduc?

Our brokers that serve Leduc’s RV community understand what the typical trailer owner needs to feel safe while on the road. How? It’s because we’re campers ourselves and have specialized in travel trailer insurance for years.

Here are a few benefits to teaming up with RV Direct to open a travel trailer insurance policy:

  • Quotes from multiple insurance companies
  • Competitive pricing
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Underwriting is in-house, making the process faster for you.
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Emergency vacation expense coverage
  • Roadside assistance coverage
  • We underwrite older trailers and high-end motorhomes
  • Claims support
  • Independent insurance advice

What does travel trailer insurance cover in Leduc?

Your coverage will depend on your insurance company and the protection you chose when you purchased your policy. Here are the four main areas of protection available in Leduc’s travel trailer insurance:

  • Physical damage and loss to your trailer, its outbuildings and your personal belongings
  • Emergency vacation expenses
  • Personal and/or premises liability, if required
  • Basic roadside assistance

We work with you to customize your travel trailer insurance policy, based on many factors, including how often you use it and the value of your trailer.

Physical Damage and Loss Protection with Leduc Travel


Physical Damage/Loss

This area of protection covers repairs or replacement of your trailer, personal belongings and outbuildings (like a shed or deck) if they’re damaged by an insured peril. Some examples of insured perils include:

  • Theft or vandalism
  • Collision
  • Fire, smoke, explosion
  • Lightning
  • Wind, hail, flood
  • Falling inanimate objects
  • Impact from: vehicle, boat, or aircraft

This isn’t the full list of perils – check your policy documents or speak to one of our brokers for more information. Keep in mind that some perils are only insurable with the purchase of an endorsement (add-on coverage) which may not be available in all areas.

Liability (Personal/Premises)

Liability insurance may be required if your trailer is parked on a rented lot or site (such as in RV storage or at a campground or RV resort) or if you do not have a permanent residence with a property insurance policy.

Comprehensive Personal liability

If a visitor steps into your trailer, falls and gets hurt, or you unintentionally cause damage to someone’s property and you get sued, a travel trailer insurance policy will cover your legal fees. This is usually covered by your homeowners policy. We add this if you are a temporary resident only.

Premises Liability

If your travel trailer is parked on a lot rented or leased by you and someone gets hurt or injured while visiting you, you’ll have financial protection if you get sued.  For example, your RV resort lot or storage location.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

If you have a covered claim, emergency vacation expenses can help cover those additional costs while you wait for repairs, continue your vacation or get you home. We offer several levels of coverage to fit your needs.

Roadside Assistance

Everyone needs help sometimes. When you’re towing hundreds of pounds of trailer behind you, mishaps can happen. Our trailer policies have roadside assistance which includes:

  • Towing services (limited mileage)
  • Door unlock
  • Battery Boost
  • Gas delivery
  • Flat tire change

In some cases, you can also upgrade your roadside assistance coverage.

What is not covered by travel trailer insurance in Leduc?

You have spent every winter ice fishing at Wizard Lake and frequent the area in the warmer months. But after five years, your trailer starts showing signs of wear and tear.

Caught up with life and forgot to maintain your unit? Unfortunately, your insurance policy won’t cover trailer repairs if it’s from regular use. Keep your RV in good condition – check for rot and rust and the effects of temperature changes on your trailer.

Here are some other things to check, which are not covered under a travel trailer insurance policy.

  • Wear and tear
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Rust, corrosion
  • Wet/dry rot
  • Seepage, slow leakage
  • Rodents, vermin
  • Insects
  • Material, workmanship or design defect

A full list of exclusions can be found in your policy documents. Our brokers are happy to answer any questions about what is or isn’t covered, too.

What types of Optional Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage are available in Leduc?

Some campers require additional coverage. Below are three optional protections:

Increased Limits/Coverage

When you choose limits, you should consider how much it would cost to replace your trailer’s contents. If you’re snowbirding or travelling a lot in your trailer, you may require additional contents coverage.  Speak to our brokers about your limits, especially if you’re planning on using your trailer frequently or for long periods of time.

Extra Roadside Assistance

The basic trailer travel insurance policy includes roadside assistance for those situations where you burst a tire or run out of gas. But what if you’re far away from a repair shop and need to be towed a long distance? Or you’ve had a collision, your dog is stranded with you and you can’t find a hotel? Our elite roadside assistance is here to help you out. Speak to our brokers for more info!

RV-Sharing/Rental Endorsement

If you’re a part-time adventurer or your trailer collects dust, you may want to take advantage of renting out your trailer.

Normally, your travel trailer insurance doesn’t cover Leduc residents renting out their trailers. However, you can now add an RV-sharing/rental endorsement to your policy and list your trailer on the approved platform. This way you can earn money and still remain insured!

How to Get a Travel Trailer Insurance Quote in Leduc

If you’re a Leduc resident, travel trailer insurance is a great investment. You’ll be thankful for its existence if you ever have an unexpected disaster.

For a travel trailer insurance quote in Leduc, you can choose how you want to contact us:

Our experienced travel trailer insurance brokers in Leduc are ready to answer your questions and discuss your insurance options whenever you are!