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Travel trailer insurance is essential for a stress-free trip for Red Deer residents. Whether you camp on summer weekends or use your trailer to head south for the winter, trailer insurance   protects you when something unexpected happens. RV Direct Insurance offers comprehensive, affordable trailer insurance policies in Red Deer. We’re independent and specialize in RVs – which means you get honest expert advice. Get a travel trailer insurance quote in Red Deer today or read on to learn more about this coverage.

Is Travel Trailer insurance required in Red Deer?

Travel trailer insurance isn’t required in Red Deer unless your trailer is financed. Many lenders will require physical damage coverage to protect the asset (your trailer). Our policies includes the required protection!

We recommend anyone who could not afford major repairs or to replace their trailer if it’s damaged to have travel trailer insurance. It protects you financially and gives you peace of mind that you can get back to camping if something happens to your trailer.

Do my car or home insurance policies cover my Travel Trailer?

If your vehicle is towing your trailer and you get into an accident without trailer insurance, are you covered? This is the most asked question, especially for new trailer buyers.

Your car insurance coverage will cover third-party liability if you’re towing your trailer but it won’t pay for expenses and repairs for you and your trailer. Therefore the coverage is extremely limited and you’ll still be paying for repairs or to buy another trailer if it’s damaged.

You may have the option to add your trailer to a home insurance policy, but it  this often leaves you without adequate coverage. You may also have a higher deductible and you’ll have to make a claim on your home insurance if something happens to your trailer, which will increase your rates.

The best value and protection for your trailer is to purchase travel trailer insurance.

What does travel trailer insurance cover in Red Deer?

If you’re a Red Deer resident who owns a travel trailer of any type, you will want to know what travel trailer insurance covers. Here are four areas that a basic travel trailer insurance policy covers:

  • Physical damage and loss to your trailer, its contents and any outbuildings like a deck
  • Liability
  • Emergency vacation expenses

Liability coverage (either premises or personal liability, depending on your situation) There are additional coverages available for you while you are on the road or storing your travel trailer as well.

But first, we will discuss the four main travel trailer options in more detail below:

Setting up a travel trailer insurance policy is a great idea. But understanding your insurance policy is another matter. Insurance terms are not always self-explanatory.

Below we explain the main coverages found on a travel trailer policy in Red Deer:  

Physical Damage/Loss

This section of your insurance will cover repairs or replacement of your trailer, its contents and any outbuildings if they’re damaged by an insured peril.

On the go or stored in your driveway or alley, there are multiple perils that can damage  your travel trailer, including:

  • Collision
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire, smoke, and explosions

Hail, wind, and lightning

  • Falling objects (like a tree branch)
  • Impact from a vehicle, boat or aircraft

Review your insurance policy for more details. Or if call us, your Red Deer trailer insurance broker, for a quote.

Liability (Personal/Premises)

We offer two different types of liability coverage for Red Deer trailer owners:

  • Comprehensive Personal Liability – Normally covered by your home insurance, this helps cover legal and medical expenses if someone is hurt or has their stuff damaged by visiting your trailer or due to your unintentional actions.
  • Premises Liability – If you own or rent a lot, this helps cover legal and medical expenses if someone is hurt or has their property damaged when visiting or due to your unintentional actions.

For example, let’s say you were renting a seasonal lot where you parked your trailer. Some kids decided to sneak in and one slipped and fell, getting hurt. Their parents could sue you – and your liability insurance could help cover those legal costs.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

No one can predict an emergency. Emergency vacation expenses help cover additional costs if you have a covered claim. This can be used towards things like accommodation or transportation, whether you’re continuing your vacation or getting yourself home or staying put until your RV is repaired.

Keep in mind you will usually need to pay up front and be reimbursed later by your insurer – keep those receipts!

Roadside Assistance

We all want to have our travel plans go off without a hitch. But sometimes we have to deal with a tire blowout or run out of gas.Don’t leave home without basic roadside s assistance so you can drive with the confidence you deserve.

Basic roadside assistance covers:

  • Towing (limited kilometres)
  • Gas delivery
  • Battery boost
  • Door unlock
  • Changing a flat tire

In some cases, we can offer extended roadside coverage.

What is not covered by travel trailer insurance in Red Deer?

A regular travel trailer insurance policy does not cover everything that can happen  – it’s designed for unexpected events.

Here are a few things not covered by trailer insurance in Red Deer:

  • Wear and tear
  • Insects, rodents, vermin
  • Rot (dry, wet)
  • Material or workmanship defects
  • Rust
  • Intentional damage caused by you

We suggest you read through your insurance policy if you’re a Red Deer resident who has travel trailer insurance. If you’re unsure of any line item, please contact your broker for an explanation.

What types of Optional Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage are available in Red Deer?

You may use your travel trailer every day or it may only use it to get away in the colder months. Whatever your lifestyle and needs, we want you to have extra options for your individual RV needs.

Here are a few options you can add to your basic travel trailer insurance policy:

Increased Limits/Coverage

If you have a permanent lot for your trailer, you may want to increase your coverage by increasing your policy limits. One of the best ways to ensure you’re covered for your contents and any outbuildings (e.g. deck) is to call your broker and get advice. Make an inventory list of your trailer’s contents, so you’ll be prepared to decide on your limits.

Extra Roadside Assistance

You may be a long way from home when an emergency happens. If you and your family enjoy trips across the country or you spend 6 months of the year in the U.S. with your partner, you may want to have more than the basic roadside assistance. Upgrade to better protection, including:

  • Towing extras: battery boosts, towing to a repair shop
  • Pet assistance
  • Travel and medical advice
  • Planning your trip

RV-Sharing/Rental Endorsement

Travel trailer insurance under RV Direct is for personal use only, not commercial purposes. This means you’re not covered if your trailer is damaged or someone gets hurt when it’s rented out.

However, if you’re interested in taking part in an RV-sharing program, you can now add an endorsement to your trailer insurance policy and list the trailer on the approved platform.

Speak to one of our trailer insurance brokers in Red Deer for full details.

How to Get a Travel Trailer Insurance Quote in Red Deer?

It’s fast and easy to get a travel trailer quote in Red Deer. Below are the three different ways to get a quote:

Our travel trailer brokers can discuss coverage options with you and answer questions.