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Whether you’re a weekend warrior camper, head south to the US in your motorhome each winter, or live full time in your mobile home, partner with RV Direct to protect your home (or home-away-from-home). We recommend Red Deer residents have RV insurance for the following reasons:

  • Reduces the financial impact of an unexpected event that damages your RV
  • Insurance may be required by law (such as for a motorhome) or by a lender if your RV is financed
  • You don’t have to make a claim on your home insurance
  • RV insurance is very affordable in Red Deer
  • You get perks like emergency vacation expenses and roadside assistance (with some policies)

Red Deer residents who love exploring the outdoors are minutes away from the Waskasoo Recreation area. The park has 80 miles of roadway for activities such as running and horseback riding. But for those who want to leave Park City, travelling in an RV is a great way to escape.

Let’s start with the basics of what you need to purchase a suitable insurance policy for your RV of choice.

What are the different types of RVs to Insure in Red Deer?

Whether you’re camping every weekend or using your RV to spend the winter months down south, there’s an RV for you. With different shapes, sizes, levels of luxury and price points you can find the right RV for your situation and budget.

Below we detail the different kinds of RVs we insure at RV Direct Insurance and what kind of insurance you’ll require to keep your travel safe and fun.

4 Types of RVs We Insure

Travel Trailer
A travel trailer is pulled by a truck or SUV, attached by a hitch. This type of RV includes truck campers, pop ups, fifth wheels and more.

While it’s not mandatory to get insurance to tow or store your travel trailer in Red Deer, we recommend you get a comprehensive RV insurance policy to protect your trailer and its contents. If your trailer is financed, your lender will generally require you to have physical damage coverage – which is just one of the areas of coverage included in one of our policies.

You may believe your travel trailer is protected under your auto insurance policy, but this is only true for third-party liability protection and it only applies when it’s being towed. If you get into an accident and your trailer is damaged, you’ll have to repair or replace it out of pocket.

A motorhome is a drivable vehicle, a great option if you don’t have a truck. They come in three types: Class A, Class B and Class C. Class A is the largest and often the most luxurious; Class Bs are the camper vans and Class C motorhomes fall in somewhere in between. Motorhomes are often more expensive than trailers but can also come with a lot more luxuries.

If you drive or park your motorhome on public roads, you’re required to have third-party liability, accidents benefits and direct compensation for property damage coverage by law. Our policies include this protection as well as physical damage coverage and emergency vacation expenses.

Mobile Homes
Mobile homes, also known as manufactured home are an affordable option for seasonal or full-time residences. Insuring a mobile home is similar to insuring a traditional home in Red Deer – but it will need to be blocked and skirted to be eligible for coverage.

Park Model
A park model is commonly used as a cabin or seasonal residence and some may even live in it full time. It’s a home manufactured on a trailer, although to be insured it must be blocked and skirted. It is similar to a mobile home.

Note: We provide up to 6 months of coverage in the U.S. for motorhome and travel trailer owners. We cannot cover RVs permanently parked or left in the U.S.

What does an RV insurance policy cover in Red Deer?

To get a sense of what’s included in a standard RV insurance policy in Red Deer for each type of RV that we insure, read below.

Travel Trailer

A basic trailer insurance policy includes:

  • Physical damage coverage for your trailer, its contents and any outbuildings like a shed or deck.
  • Basic roadside assistance.
  • Emergency vacation expenses.

We can also add personal or premises liability, if required.


Your motorhome insurance policy will include:

  • Third-party liability, direct compensation for property damage and accident benefits coverage.
  • Physical damage protection for your motorhome, its contents and any outbuildings.
  • Emergency vacation expenses.

Some policies also include basic roadside assistance.

Mobile Home & Park Model

The basic coverage options for a Park Model and a Mobile Home:

  • Personal or premises liability
  • Physical damage for your home, contents and outbuildings
  • Additional living expenses or emergency vacation expenses

Your mobile home must be blocked and skirted for your insurance policy to be valid.

Types of Coverage Explained

Here is a basic definition of the different basic protections included in our RV policies.


Physical Damage

The physical damage portion of our Red Deer RV insurance policies covers repairs or replacement of your RV, its contents, and any outbuildings (like a shed or deck) if they’re damaged by an insured peril. This includes wind, fire, hail and more.

Read more: How can I avoid hail damage to my RV? 

Comprehensive Personal Liability

If someone gets hurt or has their property damaged while visiting your RV or due to your unintentional actions, this coverage can help cover your legal expenses. Normally, this is covered by your homeowner’s policy but we can add this to someone temporarily living in your trailer or motorhome. For motorhomes and park models it may already be included in your policy, depending on your situation.

Premises Liability

If your RV is parked on a rented lot (like at a campground or storage facility), you can be sued if someone gets hurt or has their property damaged while visiting, this will cover your legal and related costs.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

If your RV is involved in a covered claim, this protection helps cover additional costs like transportation or accommodation. This can be used to get you home, continue your vacation or wait while repairs are completed.

Optional Insurance Coverage for RV Owners in Red Deer

You may want additional protection for your RV, depending on how you use it. Here are some optional add-ons to your RV insurance in REd Deer.


Full-Timer Insurance & Snowbirds

Are you a Red Deer resident that heads south for the winter or travels full-time in your RV? You may require extra liability protection and additional contents coverage. Our brokers will advise you on your insurance needs based on your individual situation – this will ensure you’ve got the right protection.

Elite Roadside Assistance

We offer extended roadside assistance on some of our policies. This adds extra towing mileage and other perks to your base roadside assistance protection. This is a good option if you want additional peace of mind while travelling.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

If you have a newer RV, this is a great option for your loss settlement. If your RV is a total loss in an insured claim, you can get your RV replaced as new.

Speak to a broker about your loss settlement options to determine if you’re eligible and if it’s the best choice for your situation.

RV-Sharing or RV Rental

Many RV owners in Red Deer are making some extra money by listing their RV on an RV sharing or RV rental platform. Unfortunately, unless you take the right steps you won’t be covered if anything happens. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Inform your insurer of your intention to rent your RV.
  2. Add the RV-sharing or RV rental endorsement to your policy.
  3. List your RV only on the approved platform(s).

Now you’ll be protected when your RV is rented out!

What is NOT covered by RV insurance in Red Deer?

RV insurance in Red Deer is designed for unexpected events. It doesn’t cover damage that could be easily prevented by proper maintenance or prompt care of a small problem. Here are some things that are not covered:

  • Wear and tear
  • Rodents, vermin and insects
  • Mold or rot damage
  • Slow leakage or seepage
  • Intentional damage by you
  • Material or workmanship defect

A full list of exclusions is found in every RV insurance policy. It’s important to read these through and ask your RV insurance broker in Red Deer if you have any questions – we’re happy to help!

Does RV insurance cover travel to the US and Mexico?

Our RV insurance covers Red Deer residents if they travel to the US for up to six months a year – your RV cannot be left in the US. We do not cover travel into Mexico.

Why Choose RV Direct for your RV Insurance in Red Deer

Why go to a general brokerage when you can talk to brokers who know RVs inside and out?

Here are some more reasons to choose us to take care of your RV insurance needs:

  • Faster turnaround times with in-house underwriting
  • Affordable premiums
  • Comprehensive, tailored coverage
  • RV insurance brokers with tons of experience
  • We’re independent – we work for you and you can trust our advice
  • Emergency vacation expenses included with every policy
  • Excellent customer service and claims support

At RV Direct, you’ll get the best advice and the best possible coverage for your RV. We deliver peace of mind so you can enjoy RVing!

How do I get a Free Personalized Review for my RV insurance policy in Red Deer?

You’ve invested thousands of dollars into your recreational vehicle in hopes that you’ll enjoy adventures now and in the future. But with all the different sizes and shapes of RVs on the market, it’s confusing to know how to protect your RV and your bank account should something happen.

RV Direct’s free personalized review helps take some of the worry and confusion out of setting up an insurance policy. We’ll explain which coverage you need and get you RV insurance quotes. We can also answer any questions and help you understand your protection.

How to Get an RV Insurance Quote in Red Deer

We’re here to help you out at every step of the insurance policy planning.

The first question most RV owners ask is, how much will my RV insurance cost? It’s easy to get an RV insurance quote in Red Deer with us: