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Whether you’re camping locally near Fort Saskatchewan or venturing out further afield across Canada or the US, investing in an RV insurance policy can help protect your rest and relaxation time. At RV Direct, we’re RV insurance specialists and offer comprehensive, affordable protection for four types of RVs: trailers, motorhomes, mobile homes and park models.

Trailers are any RV that’s towable by a regular vehicle. They can be very basic or very luxurious and come in a huge variety of types and sizes. They include truck campers, travel trailers, pop ups, hybrids, toy haulers, fifth wheels and more.

Motorhomes are RVs with a motor and are driveable without any tow vehicle. There are three categories of motorhomes: Class A (the largest), Class B (camper vans) and Class C (inbetween). These units are often quite expensive, even used. They also require third-party liability and accident benefits coverage as they are vehicles.

Mobile homes and park models are similar to insure as homes, whether you live in them seasonally or year-round. These homes are usually more affordable and are transported by truck to their final destination. They must be skirted and blocked in order to be insured.

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What does an RV insurance policy cover in Fort Saskatchewan?

Your policy is tailored to your specific needs. Exactly what’s covered will depend on the type of RV you’re insuring, how you use it, and which coverage you’ve purchased. Everything will be outlined in your policy documents. Below are the major components of insurance for each RV type.

Travel Trailer

A basic trailer insurance policy includes:

  • Repair or replacement of the trailer, its contents and any outbuildings damaged by an insured peril
  • Roadside assistance
  • Emergency vacation expenses

We can also add personal or premises liability if required.


Standard coverage for a motorhome includes:

  • Third-party liability, direct compensation for property damage and accident benefits, typical for auto insurance
  • Physical damage caused by an insured peril to the motorhome, its contents and any outbuildings
  • Emergency vacation expenses

We can also add liability coverage if you’re parking your motorhome and some policies will include roadside assistance.

Mobile Homes & Park Model

The basic coverage options for a Park Model and a Mobile Home:

  • Physical damage caused by an insured peril to your home, its contents and any outbuildings.
  • Premises or personal liability
  • Additional living expenses

Note: Your mobile home must be blocked and skirted for your insurance policy to be valid.

Optional Insurance Coverage for RV Owners in Fort Saskatchewan

We offer several optional insurance coverages for RV owners in Leduc. These coverages may only apply if you have a special circumstance like you want to rent out your RV or snowbird in the US.

5 Add-Ons for your Recreational Vehicle

Full-Timer Insurance & Snowbirds
If you are planning to live full-time in your RV, you will require additional insurance. If you don’t have a permanent residence, you will need comprehensive personal liability insurance – and keep in mind, some insurers are only insuring those who travel full-time in their RV or will only insure you if you’re temporarily living in your RV while stationary.

A snowbirder is someone who RVs to warmer climates for part of the year. Common destination are BC, Florida and Arizona. We can insure you for up to 6 months spent in the US.

As a snowbirder or full-timer, you may require additional contents coverage or additional roadside assistance.

We cannot insure mobile homes or park models that are permanently parked in the US, but we can help if they’re in BC or another Western Canadian province.

Roadside Assistance

A flat car tire out on the highway is a huge pain but with a recreational vehicle far from home, it can feel like a disaster.  If you’re not savvy about your tires and RV, consider additional roadside assistance to ensure you get back on the road or to a repair shop with minimal hassles.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Not much is guaranteed in life, but there is guaranteed replacement cost option for Fort Saskatchewan residents with a new RV. This replaces your RV if it is a total loss in a covered claim. You can get a new trailer of the same make and model (or one that’s comparable if it’s not available).

Increased Coverage & Limits

A policy limit is the max amount that you can get back from your insurance company after an insured loss. When purchasing your RV insurance policy in Fort Saskatchewan, we determine how much coverage you need.

In some scenarios, you may want more than the basic coverage for your belongings and outbuildings.  We offer several levels of coverage to ensure you’ve got the right amount of protection.

Renting your RV

Renting out your RV is not covered by your insurance – unless you’ve disclosed it to your insurance provider, added on the RV rental or RV-sharing endorsement, and list your RV on the approved platform.

This is a great way to earn some extra money while ensuring your RV is protected.

What is NOT covered under an RV Policy in Fort Saskatchewan?

While a motorhome or trailer insurance policy covers unexpected events, physical damage, and much more, there are certain situations that your policy will not cover you.

Here are a few scenarios that you are responsible for an RV owner:

  • Mold or rot damage
  • Deterioration
  • Rodents, vermin
  • Certain sources of water damage
  • Material, workmanship, or design defect

The best way to avoid damage to your trailer is to take care of your recreational vehicle like it’s your home, or better. A good precaution is to get regular maintenance on your trailer or motorhome, so you’re not left with pesky repair bills.

A deep clean after a long trek in your RV and learning how to maintain all the pumps, hoses and other equipment will help you avoid any unnecessary problems.

Your policy documents will outline specific exclusions. It’s important to read these through. If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Will an RV insurance policy cover personal belongings?

Yes, your personal belongings are covered by your RV insurance policy. However, this only applies to items normally taken camping. If you have expensive items such as jewelry, sports equipment or electronics, you should speak to one of our RV insurance brokers in Fort Saskatchewan.

Why Choose RV Direct for your Recreational Vehicle needs in Fort Saskatchewan

We are RVers at heart and love the excitement of hopping into our rig for a last-minute camping trip. We understand your specific needs as an RV owner in Fort Saskatchewan.

Here are a few ways we go above and beyond for you.

First and foremost, we are RV insurance specialists.

But we also provide:

  • Quotes from multiple RV insurance companies
  • In-house underwriting
  • Year-round protection
  • We write high-value motorhomes and older RVs.
  • Full-time travel coverage, overland water (flood) protection, emergency vacation expenses, roadside assistance, and more!
  • Exceptional claims support and customer service
  • And more!

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If you’re a new RV owner, you may have a steep learning curve ahead. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide your rig and you to happy days ahead as you drive off to your favorite trailhead or RV park.

A free personalized review of your recreational vehicle and your needs is the best way to understand what you need and how we can help you.

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