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Many residents of Leduc have RVs or would love to have an RV. They’re a great way to comfortably adventure around the area or explore further afield. Some people may even use their RVs to escape winter down south!

But an unexpected event can result in a damaged or destroyed RV – what then? Can you afford major repairs or replace your RV out of pocket? What if someone gets hurt while visiting you and sues?

Luckily, we offer RV insurance that is affordable and comprehensive whether you have a trailer, motorhome, mobile home or park model. If you’re not sure what type of insurance you need, reach out to us. One of our experienced RV insurance brokers in Leduc can help!

What are the different RVs we help you Insure?

4 Types of RVs

Whatever recreational vehicle you choose, you’ll want an insurance policy that covers all your needs. Here are four different types of RVs and their corresponding insurance requirements.

Travel Trailer
Travel trailers can be very basic or extremely luxurious. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can cost from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars. Whether you have a pop up trailer or a large fifth wheel, you’ll need the right insurance.

We offer physical damage coverage, emergency vacation expenses, and roadside assistance on all of our trailer policies. You can also add premises or personal liability insurance, an rv rental endorsement, or increase your protection.

Motorhomes come in three categories: Class A, Class B and Class C. They’re often more expensive than trailers and fancier. They’re popular for snowbirders and full-timers as well as those who don’t want a tow vehicle.

We can provide third-party liability, direct compensation for property damage and accident benefits coverage (like regular auto insurance but more affordable for a motorhome). We also include physical damage and emergency vacation expenses and optional additional coverages.

Mobile Homes and Park Model
A mobile home or park model can be a great alternative to owning a traditional house. They’re often more affordable and much easier to get to a remote property. Whether you live in it seasonally or year-round, we can help you insure it.

Insuring your mobile home and park model is similar to insuring a regular home. Our policies may include physical damage, liability and additional living expense coverages. Please note, your home must be permanently blocked and skirted to be eligible for insurance.

What does an RV insurance policy cover in Leduc?

RV Insurance is designed to cover unexpected events. Your individual policy’s coverage may vary due to the type of RV you own, how you use it, your insurer and which insurance protections you choose. Below are the protections included in your RV insurance policy in Leduc.

Travel Trailer

A basic travel trailer insurance policy can include:

  • Physical damage (trailer, contents, outbuildings)
  • Roadside assistance
  • Emergency vacation expenses

We can also add on premises or comprehensive personal liability to your policy, if required.


Standard coverage for a motorhome includes:

  • Third-party liability, direct compensation for property damage and accident benefits (typical auto policy coverage)
  • Physical damage (motorhome, contents, outbuildings)
  • Emergency Vacation Expenses

Mobile Home & Park Model

The basic coverage options for a Park Model and a Mobile Home:

  • Premises or personal liability
  • Physical damage (home, contents, outbuildings (e.g., garden shed)
  • Additional living expenses

Note: Your mobile home must be blocked and skirted for your insurance policy to be valid.

Optional Insurance Coverage for RV Owners in Leduc

We offer several optional insurance coverages for RV owners in Leduc. These coverages may only apply if you have a special circumstance like you want to rent out your RV or snowbird in the US.

5 Add-Ons for your Recreational Vehicle

There are more than five options for your recreational vehicle, but we cover the most common ones below.

Full-Timer Insurance & Snowbirds

If you’re planning to travel full-time in your RV or head south for the winter, you may require additional liability and contents coverage. Our brokers work with you to determine what you need for your plans.

Roadside Assistance

You have the option of extending your roadside assistance coverage if you have a trailer. This increases your towable kilometres and includes other perks.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

The guaranteed replacement cost loss settlement option allows you to get a replacement RV if yours is an insured total loss. This is only available to newer RVs.

Increased Coverage & Limits

You may want additional protection for your belongings or liability. We offer several levels of protection, so talk to one of our Leduc RV insurance brokers for more details.

RV-Sharing or RV Rentals 

For adventurers who only want to use their motorhome or travel trailer part-time, you may want to rent out your RV. While this can give you extra income, your RV insurance won’t cover any damage to your RV.

The exception is if you add the RV Sharing/Rental endorsement to your policy and list your RV on an approved platform. This way you can earn some money and stay insured.

What is NOT covered under an RV Policy in Leduc?

RV insurance is designed for unexpected events. Damage that could be prevented by proper maintenance and other preventative measures isn’t covered. Here are a few situations that aren’t usually covered by RV insurance in Leduc:

  • Damage caused by insects, rodents, vermin
  • Mold or rot damage
  • Deterioration
  • Wear and tear
  • Leaking or seepage
  • Material, workmanship, or design defect
  • Certain sources of water damage

Your policy documents will have a full list of exclusions. It’s important to read through these to understand exactly what isn’t covered. It’s also critical for you to do regular maintenance on your RV to help prevent damage or small problems from escalating.

Will an RV insurance policy cover personal belongings?

The short answer is yes. Your RV insurance will cover personal belongings normal to a camping trip like stuff for your RV kitchen, camping chairs, linens, clothing and similar items.

If you’re bringing along more expensive items or things not normally found in a camper (such as if you’re snowbirding), you should speak to your broker. We can increase your contents coverage and discuss limitations of coverage.

Why Choose RV Direct for your Recreational Vehicle needs in Leduc

Wherever you roam and whatever type of RV you use to get there, we want to have your back. Travel can bring about stressful situations that can be made easier with adequate insurance protection.

We provide all our RV Direct customers with:

  • Tailored, comprehensive coverage
  • Competitive prices
  • Experienced brokers who specialize in RVs
  • Quicker turnaround times with in-house underwriting
  • Emergency vacation expenses with every policy
  • Exceptional customer service

Contact us today to meet one of our friendly RV insurance brokers in Leduc and get a quote or discuss your coverage needs.

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