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No matter how prepared you are for your RV excursion in and around Lethbridge, you could have a mishap. It’s not fun to think of the worst-case scenario but being prepared with RV insurance can help protect you financially and get you back on the road quickly. Whether you have a luxury motorhome, a basic trailer, or are looking to insure a mobile home you use as a seasonal or full-time residence, we can help.

Our RV insurance policies are designed around your specific type of RV and how you use it. We offer comprehensive coverage at affordable prices. Contact us today for a Lethbridge  RV insurance quote  Or you can read on to learn more about this coverage.

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4 Types of RVs RV Direct Insures in Lethbridge

We insure four main categories of RVs:

Travel Trailer 

Travel trailers come in multiple sizes, styles, and floor plans. This flexibility makes them a popular option for Lethbridge residents, whether they’re got a tight budget or want a luxury experience when they camp. This type of trailer includes truck campers, pop-ups, hybrids, fifth wheels and more.

If you’ve financed your trailer, you will likely be required to have insurance protection for it. We can help provide the right coverage at the best possible price – policies start at just $200 per year.

The most popular motorhome in Canada is a 33 foot-long Class A motorhome. Many use this RV to explore Canada or head south to the US to escape during the winter months.

Motorhomes come in three categories: Class A, Class B and Class C. They tend to be more expensive than trailers as well as come with more features.

As a motorhome is a drivable vehicle, you’re required by law to have third-party liability, direct compensation for property damage and accident benefits insurance if it is driven or parked on public roads.  In addition to this coverage, our Lethbridge RV insurance can offer protection against physical damage to your motorhome, its contents and more.

Mobile Homes and Park Model 
A mobile home or park model is an affordable alternative to a traditional home in Lethbridge. With four mobile home parks to choose from in the city, you’re not far from key services and amenities. These RVs are also popular options as cabins or seasonal residences.

Insuring a mobile home or park model in Lethbridge is similar to insuring a traditional home.

What does an RV insurance policy cover in Lethbridge?

Whether you set your RV at the Bridgeview RV Park, stop for a round of golf at the nearby Paradise Canyon Golf Resort, or head out on Highway #3 to another destination, you’ll need to protect your recreational vehicle against any losses or damages.


Policy Highlights

Here we review the policy highlights for each recreational vehicle that we insure. Remember, each type of RV has a different insurance policy. Protection also varies between insurers and individual policies, based on your RV, how you use it, and your coverage options. This is why your Lethbridge RV insurance may be different than your neighbours, even if you have the same type of RV.

Here are the basics:

Travel Trailer

A basic trailer insurance policy includes:

  • Physical damage coverage for your trailer, contents, and any outbuildings
  • Roadside assistance
  • Emergency vacation expenses

We can also add on personal or premises liability protection, if required.


  • Third-party liability, direct compensation for property damage, accident benefits (typical auto policy coverage)
  • Physical damage to your motorhome, its contents and outbuildings
  • Emergency vacation expenses

We can also add personal or premises liability coverage, if required. Some policies also include roadside assistance.

Mobile Home and Park Model

  • Physical damage to your home, its contents and outbuildings
  • Personal or premises liability coverage
  • Additional living expenses or emergency vacation expenses

More details about these coverages are available below.

Lethbridge RV Insurance: Optional Coverage for RV Owners

There are many reasons for RV owners to include add-ons to their insurance policy.

3 Optional Add-On Coverages for your RV in Lethbridge


Full-Timer Insurance 

If you’re living or traveling full-time in your RV, you have different insurance considerations than someone who is just camping during the summer weekends. We’ll create an insurance package that provides the right protection for you.

Extended Roadside Assistance

You may be confident driving long-distance in your rig. But anything could happen out of the blue that could cause damage or a loss. Be prepared with extended roadside assistance, available on some of our trailer and motorhome policies.

Extra Coverage for your Items

We offer a variety of levels of protection for your RV’s contents. Whether you travel with the bare minimum or pretty much everything you own, we can ensure you’ve got the right amount of coverage.

Understanding Lethbridge RV Insurance Exclusions: What’s Not Covered?

RV insurance is designed to protect Lethbridge residents from unexpected events. It doesn’t cover things that could be prevented by routine maintenance. This includes damage caused by:

  • Wear and tear
  • Insects, rodents and vermin
  • Mold or rot
  • Slow leakage or seepage
  • Criminal actions by you
  • Material or workmanship defects (this may be covered by a warranty though)

A full list of exclusions is included in every policy. It’s important to read these through and understand what isn’t covered. If you’ve got questions, our RV insurance brokers in Letbridge are here to answer them.

Will my RV insurance policy cover personal belongings in Lethbridge?

Yes, your personal belongings generally taken camping are covered by your Lethbridge RV insurance. This includes clothing, linens, kitchen stuff and more.

Why Choose RV Direct for your Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Lethbridge

At RV Direct, we pride ourselves on knowing RV insurance inside and out. We’re campers ourselves, sow we understand your needs and speak your language.

Trust the Lethbridge RV insurance specialists to get you the perfect coverage for your needs and budget.

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A few more reasons to choose us as your RV insurance broker in Lethbridge:

  • Affordable, competitive prices
  • Tailored, comprehensive coverage
  • Expert RV insurance brokers with years of experience
  • Short wait times with in-house underwriting
  • Emergency vacation expenses with every policy
  • Exceptional customer service

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