Is hail damage covered by RV insurance?

By Sam Lemna | December 1, 2022

Alberta is notorious for hail. The province is home to “hail alley,” a stretch of nearly 300 kilometres that frequently sees damaging hailstorms. If you’re camping anywhere in central or southern Alberta, you should be prepared for hail and that includes having RV insurance that will cover the damage. 

Is hail damage covered by RV insurance? 

If you have property coverage for your motorhome or trailer through RV Direct, your RV insurance will cover hail damage. This covers the costs of repairing your RV if it’s damaged by hail; if it’s a write-off, it will depend on your policy’s loss settlement if you receive the actual cash value or full replacement cost of your RV. 

Some insurers offer a hail exclusion that will lower your RV insurance rates but this means you are not covered for hail damage. 

If you do not have property coverage, such as if you have a motorhome with third-party liability insurance only, you will not be covered for hail damage.  

It’s important to read your policy and speak to your broker or insurance company if you have any questions about your protection.  

How can I avoid hail damage to my RV? 

Here are some tips to reduce the chance of hail damage to your RV: 

  • When not using your RV, store or park it under cover (a garage or shelter).  
  • If you have a permanent or seasonal site and you’re allowed, consider building a shelter with a roof over your RV.  
  • Ensure you have skylight and vent covers for your RV. 
  • Close up your awning and slides. 
  • For camper vans and certain RVs, you can get a hail protection device (it inflates to protect your vehicle from hail). 
  • Plywood sheets, tarps, mats or blankets can provide limited protection but can also become dangerous or ineffective if not secured on your RV properly.  
  • If you’re driving, seek cover under a covered gas station, car wash or parking structure – don’t stop under underpasses as it can be dangerous!  
  • Keep an eye on the weather and try to avoid storms by changing your route or time that you’re driving (storms normally hit in the late afternoon or evening).  
  • Parking against the direction of the wind can’t prevent hail damage, but it can help slightly. 

What to Do If Your RV is Damaged by Hail 

If you get caught in a hailstorm, here’s what to do: 

  1. Inspect your RV for damage: dents, spots or bubbles and cracks. Especially check the roof, skylight and vents, and anything else on the roof such as solar panels or an air conditioner).  
  2. Document the damage. Take pictures and video of the storm and any area of damage to your RV. You should also write down an account of what happened.  
  3. Submit a claim by contacting your insurance company or broker. They’ll tell you what the next steps are.  

Your broker is here to answer any questions and help you through the claims process. If you have RV insurance through RV Direct, your RV’s hail damage should be covered.