Get the best coverage for insuring your hobby

Ideal coverage for your motorhome insurance needs.

Whether on the road or set up in a new destination, our packaged motorhome insurance coverage is tailored to your needs.


  1. A Policy Customized for You

    A snowbird will require different coverage than a full-timer, who will need different coverage than the average summer vacationer. We will customize your motorhome usage to match your unique needs.

  2. A Review Personalized for You

    Motorhome coverage varies by policyholder, by vehicle, by location, and by many other other considerations. No two policies are alike, which is why we offer a free personalized review to find out exactly what you need.

  3. Claim Assistance

    Claims happen, and when they do, we’re here to help make the process as seamless as possible.


Liability Coverage

Liability provides financial protection if you are responsible for injuring others or damaging vehicles or property.

Contents Replacement Coverage

Personal property typically found in motorhomes is covered—and at the cost to buy new at the time of the claim.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

Filing a claim on vacation shouldn’t derail your trip. This coverage allows you to finish your vacation with hotel and food accommodations provided.


Full-Timer Coverage

Is your motorhome your only home? When you no longer carry homeowner’s insurance, you will need coverage on your motorhome to account for the same liabilities and other concerns that would be standard on a policy for a house.

Snowbird Coverage

If you use your motorhome to head south for the winter, the insurance you carry must be more comprehensive than what you might have for a two-week trip. Snowbird coverage provides additional protection to travelers who are using their motorhomes for more than the occasional summer excursion.

Roadside Assistance

Traveling in Canada or the continental U.S.? This option provides 24/7 emergency telephone assistance, paid towing, and more.

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