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Abbotsford is the best of both worlds – the beautiful countryside of British Columbia is at your doorstep but you still have all the conveniences of a city. Many residents love to explore the surrounding nature. Abbotsford is also a popular destination for snowbirders, either for a milder winter or to base themselves for the summer. Here at RV Direct Insurance, we offer the Abbotsford motorhome insurance you need whether you’re heading out on weekend trips or live in your motorhome full-time.

British Columbia requires you to place your third-party liability insurance for all motorhomes through ICBC. This means if you are in an accident and someone tries to sue you, you will be protected. But third-party liability does not cover any damage or loss to your motorhome – you will get nothing to replace it or its contents if you’re at fault in an accident or if your motorhome is stolen or if it suffers fire damage. This is where an Abbotsford motorhome insurance policy comes in: it is a separate policy built for your motorhome.

Why Insure your Abbotsford Motorhome Insurance with RV Direct Insurance?

Here are just a few reasons to choose RV Direct for your Abbotsford motorhome insurance:

  • We’re experts on motorhome insurance. We have unparalleled knowledge and experience in this type of protection.
  • We offer comprehensive coverage, tailored to fit your individual needs.
  • We offer affordable coverage.
  • We’re independent – we work for you, not an insurance company.
  • We’re RVers, too!

Contact us today for an Abbotsford motorhome insurance quote or to talk to one of our brokers for more details. Or read on to learn more about this important coverage!

What does Abbotsford motorhome insurance cover?

Abbotsford motorhome insurance can cover:

  • Physical damage for your motorhome, its contents, and outbuildings (like sheds and decks)
  • Personal liability if you RV full-time
  • Premises liability if you have a permanent lot
  • Emergency vacation expenses if you have a claim while you’re on a trip
  • Outdoorsy rental, if you’d like to list your motorhome through this rental/RV-sharing platform

Remember, every policy is tailored to your individual needs.

What isn’t covered by Abbotsford motorhome insurance?

Insurance doesn’t cover everything – it is designed for unexpected events. Here are some things that motorhome insurance won’t cover in Abbotsford:

  • Travel to Mexico
  • Wear and tear
  • Any damage caused by the insured’s criminal activity
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Wet or dry rot
  • Slow leakage or seepage of water
  • Extreme temperatures (like freezing)
  • … and more.

All exclusions will be listed in your policy documents. Our Abbotsford motorhome insurance brokers are here to help answer any of your questions, too.

Am I covered by Abbotsford motorhome insurance if I travel to the US or Mexico?

You are covered by Abbotsford motorhome insurance for travel to the US (up to 6 months). Let us know if you’re planning on staying south of the border for longer than 6 months or if you plan to leave your motorhome in the US.

Our policies do not cover you if you travel to Mexico.

Do I need motorhome insurance in Abbotsford?

You are required to carry third party liability and accident benefits insurance through ICBC for Abbotsford motorhomes.

While other coverage is optional, if you could not afford to repair or replace your motorhome out of pocket, we recommend you having this coverage. Motorhome insurance is especially valuable if you RV full-time or have a permanent lot.