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If you’re escaping Calgary to head to the mountains for the weekend or south for the winter, make sure you’re protected with Calgary motorhome insurance. Our policies are comprehensive and affordable, starting at just $438 per year. Contact us today to get a quote for Calgary motorhome insurance.

Why Choose RV Direct Insurance as Your Calgary Motorhome Insurance Brokers

Here are just a few reasons you should choose RV Direct Insurance as your Calgary motorhome insurance brokers:

  • We’re independent.We work for you, not an insurance company.
  • You get comprehensive customized coverage.
  • We offer affordable protection.
  • You get perks like emergency vacation expenses at no charge.
  • We have unparalleled expertise in Calgary motorhome insurance.
  • You’ll receive excellent customer service.

How to Get a Motorhome Insurance Quote in Calgary

Here’s how you can get a motorhome insurance quote in Calgary:

Our brokers are happy to answer any questions you have as well.

What is covered by motorhome insurance in Calgary?

Calgary motorhome insurance can cover:

  • Physical damage to your motorhome, its contents and outbuildings
  • Third-party liability and accident benefits coverage
  • Premises liability if you have a permanent lot
  • Personal liability if you’re a full-timer
  • Emergency vacation expenses
  • Outdoorsy rental

Exactly what coverage you’ll need will depend on your individual situation. For example, if you’ve permanently parked your motorhome, you may need contents and outbuilding coverage but don’t need the third-party liability or accident benefits. If you travel full-time, your needs will be different than someone who only uses their motorhome to escape Edmonton’s long, cold winters.

Our motorhome insurance brokers in Edmonton can advise you on what coverage you need.

Physical Damage

Calgary motorhome insurance can cover physical damage to your motorhome, its contents, and outbuildings (if you have a permanent lot). Commonly covered causes of physical damage are:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Flooding (if you have the overland water endorsement)
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Collision
  • Upset
  • Impact by other vehicle, aircraft or watercraft
  • Impact by a falling object (like a tree)

Third-Party Liability, Accident Benefits & Direct Compensation Property Damage Coverage

If you drive your motorhome, you are required to carry third-party liability, direct compensation property damage and accident benefits coverage.

Third-party liability helps cover legal expenses if you’re sued. Direct compensation property damage helps cover the repair costs to your vehicle if you’re not at fault or partially at fault for a collision. Accident benefits helps cover your medical care and other benefits.

We recommend carrying at least $2 million of protection due to the high cost of accidents. This is particularly important if you travel to the US.

Premises Liability

If you own a permanent lot, you should have premises liability coverage. This covers your legal expenses if you’re sued after someone is hurt or has their property damaged while visiting your lot.

Personal Liability

If you travel full-time in your motorhome, you should have personal liability protection. This covers your legal expenses if you’re sued after someone is hurt or has their property damaged due to your unintentional actions.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

If you have a covered claim, emergency vacation expenses provides funds to cover additional costs to continue your trip, wait while repairs are completed, or to get home.

We include $3000 of emergency vacation expenses free of charge. You can upgrade this coverage as well.

Outdoorsy Rental

Did you know that renting your motorhome out is not normally covered by your insurance?

Luckily, we’ve partnered with Outdoorsy! With the Outdoorsy endorsement, you can list your motorhome on Outdoorsy without worrying about your insurance coverage.

What isn’t covered by Calgary motorhome insurance?

  • Travel to Mexico
  • Renting your motorhome (unless you have the Outdoorsy endorsement and list through that platform)
  • Damage caused by:
    • Wear and tear
    • Slow leakage or seepage
    • Rust or corrosion
    • Extreme temperatures
    • Rodents, vermin, and insects
    • Criminal activity by the insured

A full list of exclusions can be found in your policy documents. Your Calgary motorhome insurance broker is also happy to answer any questions about your coverage.

The Cost of Motorhome Insurance in Calgary

The cost of motorhome insurance in Calgary starts at $438 per year. Your costs will increase with the value of your motorhome, your coverage options, your driving and claims record, and other factors.

What affects motorhome insurance rates in Calgary?

The following factors can affect your motorhome insurance rates in Calgary:

  • The market price of your motorhome
  • The purchase price or MRSP of your motorhome
  • The make, model and year of your motorhome
  • How you use your motorhome
  • Your driving record
  • Your credit rating
  • Your demographics
  • Your insurance and claims history
  • Your insurance options like coverage, deductible and policy limits

How to Save Money on Your Motorhome Insurance Rates in Calgary

Here are some tips to save money on your motorhome insurance premiums in Calgary:

  • Raise your deductible.
  • Bundle your insurance (we have a group home and auto plan available)
  • Allow a credit check (it does not affect your credit rating)
  • Join an approved RV club for membership discounts
  • Install an approved security device
  • Keep a clean driving record.
  • Take an approved driver’s training course.

Work with your Calgary motorhome insurance broker to get the best rates and learn more about how to save money on your premiums.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calgary Motorhome Insurance

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Calgary motorhome insurance.

Am I covered for hail damage to my motorhome?

Yes, Calgary motorhome insurance covers hail damage. The exception is if you have a hail specific exclusion or had hail damage previously but opted to not have it repaired.

Does Calgary motorhome insurance cover theft?

Yes, motorhome insurance in Calgary covers theft. There may be a waiting period before the claim is settled to allow police time to locate the motorhome.

Am I covered if I lend my motorhome to a friend?

You must inform your broker if you’re lending your motorhome to a friend. They must be at least 25 year old and there cannot be any exchange of money.

We recommend against lending out your motorhome due to the risks.

Can I rent out my motorhome and be covered by insurance?

Renting out your motorhome is not covered by insurance unless you are listing it through the Outdoorsy platform and have purchased the Outdoorsy endorsement for your Calgary motorhome insurance policy.

Is travel to the US covered by Calgary motorhome insurance?

Yes, travel to the US is covered by Calgary motorhome insurance. If you plan to be in the US for longer than 6 months or leave your RV there permanently, please let us know.

Is travel to Mexico covered by Calgary motorhome insurance?

No, Calgary motorhome insurance does not cover travel to Mexico. You will need to purchase a separate specialized policy.

Do I need to insure my motorhome year-round?

Yes, you should insure your motorhome year-round. There are three main reasons:

  1. Damage to your motorhome can happen at any time.
  2. If you drive it or park it on public roads, you are required to carry third party liability and accident benefits coverage.
  3. You will likely have higher rates if you cancel every year (our policies are designed to be year-round).

Which motorhome loss settlement option is best for me?

The best loss settlement for your Calgary motorhome insurance will depend on the age of your motorhome, your insurance budget, and your personal preferences.

Your loss settlement is the calculation of the amount you receive if your motorhome is a total loss in a covered claim.

You have two options for your loss settlement:

  1. Actual Cash Value – the market value of your motorhome, or the purchase price minus depreciation.
  2. Guaranteed Purchase Price – what you paid for the motorhome including all taxes (amount shown on the bill of sale), only available until the motorhome is 5 years old.

If your motorhome is permanently parked, you have four loss settlement options:

  1. Guaranteed Replacement Cost – Available for motorhomes 10 years old or newer, you will receive a brand new motorhome of similar kind and quality. The unit must be insured to the MRSP of a new unit.
  2. Replacement Cost Plus – you will get a replacement travel trailer that is up to 110% of the MRSP of your current unit new. This is available to permanently parked motorhomes 10 years old or newer.
  3. Replacement Value – Available for permanently parked motorhomes 15 years old and newer, you’ll receive the value of a new motorhome that is of similar type and quality.
  4. Actual Cash Value – You’ll receive the market value of your motorhome (or the purchase price minus depreciation).

Talk to one of our Calgary motorhome insurance brokers to learn more about each option and for advice on which option is best for your situation.

I’ve parked my motorhome on a permanent lot, do I need motorhome insurance?

If you’ve parked your motorhome on a permanent lot, motorhome insurance can cover:

  • Physical damage to your motorhome, its contents, and outbuildings like sheds and decks
  • Premises liability for your lot

You will also likely get a discount for being permanently parked.