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Whether you’re exploring the mountains or escaping Medicine Hat’s cold winters, motorhome insurance can help cover unexpected disasters like hailstorms, theft, and collisions. If you’re travelling full-time or snowbirding for the winter, our Medicine Hat motorhome insurance packages can provide the essential coverage you need like personal liability and expanded contents protection. Get a motorhome insurance quote in Medicine Hat today!

Why Choose RV Direct Insurance for Your Medicine Hat Motorhome Insurance

We specialize in motorhome insurance for Medicine Hat residents:

  • We have unparalleled experience and knowledge.
  • We offer comprehensive, flexible coverage that fits your needs.
  • We offer affordable Medicine Hat motorhome insurance.
  • We’re independent, which means we work for you, not an insurance company.

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Is motorhome insurance required in Medicine Hat?

If your motorhome is not permanently parked, you are required to carry third party liability, direct compensation for property damage and accident benefits coverage for your motorhome insurance in Medicine Hat.

Other coverage is optional, however, we recommend it if:

  • You travel full-time in your motorhome
  • You’ve permanently parked your motorhome on a lot
  • You could not afford to replace or repair your motorhome out of pocket after an unexpected disaster

Motorhome insurance can help reduce the financial burden if something unexpected happens.

How to Get a Motorhome Insurance Quote in Medicine Hat

You can get a Medicine Hat motorhome insurance quote:

Our brokers are happy to answer any quesitons you might have about motorhome insurance in Medicine Hat.

What does motorhome insurance cover in Medicine Hat?

Here are some of our offered coverages for motorhome insurance in Medicine Hat:

  • Physical damage to your motorhome, its contents and outbuildings
  • Personal liability (if you travel full-time in your motorhome)
  • Premises liability (if you have your motorhome parked on a permanent lot)
  • Third-party liability and accident benefits
  • Emergency vacation expenses, to help you get home or back on the road if you have an insured claim while travelling
  • Outdoorsy endorsement, if you’d like to earn some extra income while renting out your motorhome via Outdoorsy

What’s covered by motorhome insurance in Medicine Hat will depend on your individual policy. We also offer increases in coverage and limits to meet your needs.

What physical damage perils are covered by Medicine Hat motorhome insurance?

Your Medicine Hat motorhome insurance policy will usually cover the following perils (causes of damage):

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Impact by an object like a fallen tree
  • Collision
  • …and more

Exactly which perils are covered will be outlined in your policy documents. Remember, insurance is for unexpected damage. Anything that could be prevented by proper maintenance likely won’t be covered, such as slow leaks, wear and tear, rodents, rust, and more.

Our Medicine Hat motorhome insurance brokers are here to answer any coverage questions you might have.

Am I covered if I travel to the US?

Yes, your Medicine Hat motorhome insurance will cover you in the US as long as you spend less than 6 months a year there. If you plan to leave your motorhome in the US, please let us know and we can arrange proper coverage.

How much does motorhome insurance cost in Medicine Hat?

Motorhome insurance in Medicine Hat starts at $438 per year.

What affects the cost of motorhome insurance in Medicine Hat?

The following factors affect the cost of motorhome insurance in Medicine Hat:

  • The type of motorhome
  • Your motorhome’s year, make and model
  • The market value or purchase price of your motorhome
  • Your driving record
  • Your insurance history
  • Your demographics
  • Your insurance options including deductible, policy limits, loss settlement, and coverage

Your Medicine Hat motorhome insurance broker is here to help you find the best policy for your needs and budget.