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Where should I store my RV for the winter?

When the leaves fall the temperatures drop and the clouds overhead threaten snow most of us pack up our RVs and head back home for…

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Alberta RV Shows 2018

Alberta RV Shows: Your Gateway to the RV Lifestyle Whether you’ve fully embraced the RV lifestyle or are just thinking about purchasing your first “home…

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Tips on Disposing Waste from Your RV

While a less glamourous side of RV ownership disposing waste from your RV properly and regularly is very important. It’s a big part of your…

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How to Winterize Your RV

For most of us winter means packing up the camping equipment and storing the RV for the cold weather season. Whether you plan to leave…

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Interior Design Tips for Your RV

While RVs are built to be practical and last more than a few years the decor can become a bit outdated and the wear and…

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Is my travel trailer automatically covered when I’m pulling it with my truck?

Towing a trailer comes with both risks and rewards. The rewards are often the ability to get out and experience the great outdoors the risks…

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Cross-Canada Road Trip – Part 2

In the  last article  we covered the ‘western’ half of the Trans-Canada Road Trip beginning in Victoria and ending in Winnepeg. Crossing over the border into…

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Cross-Canada Road Trip – Part 1

Canada welcomes millions of tourists each year yet many Canadians haven’t been to more than one or two provinces. Unless they’re camping or visiting family…

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8 Lakes to Take Your Boat in Western Canada

Whether you enjoy fishing in the early morning water sports with the family in the afternoon or kayaking at sunset there are thousands of lakes…

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