Interior Design Tips for Your RV

By joanne lemna | November 28, 2016

While RVs are built to be practical and last more than a few years the decor can become a bit outdated and the wear and tear of camping and travelling can take their toll. If you’re buying a new RV or willing to get your RV remodelled chances are you will have a limited canvas to work with. Here are a few interior design tips for your RV to give yours a slight facelift more personality and most importantly to get it feeling more like your home away from home:


Fabric.jpgA small way to brighten up your RV or give it a personal touch is to replace your older bedspreads and boring curtains with some brighter colours or patterns. Pick one or go crazy and mix and match! If you don’t want to spend the money on new items you can easily make a duvet cover and curtains yourself – as long as you have a sewing machine handy. You can find easy plans online and no one’s going to care if they’re perfect – they’ll just notice the colour and be impressed you made them yourself!

Throw Pillows

Throw_Pillows.jpgAnother way to easily give your RV a bit more personality is with pillows – for your bed couch or chairs table bench and even for outside. Again you can stick with one colour but the best looks have a combination of colours or patterns that compliment each other. You can get different sizes for your various spaces and the larger ones can double as seats in a pinch.

Additional Living Space

Patio.jpg"This may not be the most practical solution if you travel a lot but if you’re ever in one place for a longer period of time it’s great to create some additional living space outside the front door of your RV. While most people have an awning and a few lawn chairs adding a deck doesn’t take too much effort or money and expands your living space.

Additional Storage

Storage_Bins.jpgIf storage is an issue for you think about adding more shelves inside your cupboards or storing your items in bins. These usually take up less space and keep you more organized. You can also make drawers fairly easily with a few plastic tubs and thin pieces of woods. Hooks are another useful storage item. Install them inside your cupboards by the front door and above the sink. Being organized and able to find everything makes life easier when you’re travelling.

Carpets + Upholstery

Carpet.jpgThe sun causes damage to fabrics just like it damages our skin. To prevent fading of your upholstery think about investing in a sun shield and closing your blinds to direct sunlight. Seat covers are another popular option and also have the benefit of adding some character and style to your RV.

To keep the carpet clean use artificial grass as a ‘floor’ under your awning or have a big mat at the bottom of the steps to the door. There should be another mat on the inside particularly if you step onto carpet. You can also use rugs and mats in high-traffic areas if you’re concerned that your kids will ignore the hints to take off their shoes or wipe their feet.

If you’re really unhappy with your carpet it can be fairly easy and inexpensive to replace. Make sure to get a low pile carpet (collects less dirt) and choose a colour that doesn’t show the dirt.


It’s always nice to show where you’ve been so if you’re a traveller why not choose something to collect? Magnets bumper stickers or some kind of figurine.  They make great conversation pieces.