Get the best coverage for insuring your hobby

Stay safe when travelling—and have a reliable backup plan.

Many of us don't realize that our provincial health care offers very limited coverage when we leave the province - or no coverage at all. Accidents and illness can happen to anyone at any time; don't be caught unprepared and stuck with large bills. 


Travel Worry-Free with Travel Medical Coverage


  1. Travel Without Worry

    Getting injured or sick isn't in anyone's travel plans. Have the peace of mind that you won't have to worry about huge medical bills in case you do.

  2. Foreign Healthcare and Claims Assistance

    Travel medical claims aren't just about paying the medical bills - we help with navigating foreign healthcare systems and getting you home, if needed.

  3. Coverage Flexibility

    Do you travel once a year? Or are you travelling every month? We tailor or policies to protect you depending on how often you travel and for how long. That way, you're not paying for what you don't need.


Single-Trip Emergency Medical

With this option, emergency medical costs are covered for one trip. Coverage includes ambulance transportation and hospital fees.

Multi-Trip Emergency Medical

For the frequent traveler, this plan covers every excursion and adventure you take.

All-Inclusive Emergency Medical

Your travel medical insurance can be extended with coverage for damaged baggage, missed flights, and other common travel misfortunes.

Travel Insurance Extras

Want to protect your travel plans? We provide refunds in the event of a covered trip cancellation or trip interruption. We can also help get you home and cover lost baggage.


Trip Interruption

If you need to return home during your trip, we can help cover unused accommodation, transport and other pre-booked items.

Lost Baggage

Nothing is quite like the sinking feeling of not seeing your luggage come off the baggage claim. With this add-on, you’ll have coverage to buy necessary clothes and items you need for your trip.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

This covers costs for your survivors if a tragedy results in your death or dismemberment.

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Travel Worry-Free with Travel Medical Coverage