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We can help you stay top-side with our completely customizable boat and watercraft insurance—at a price you can afford.


  1. Agreed Value Coverage

    Your boat will depreciate over time, but with this coverage, you’ll be set with an agreed-upon value.

  2. No Distance Limits for Trailering

    Whether you are boating in nearby waters or outside of Canada, you can secure coverage for your trip.

  3. Personalized Policy Review

    Every boat policy is different; our free, personalized review ensures you have the right coverage at the right price.


Liability Coverage

Liability coverage on your boat is just as important as it is on your car. The right policy offers financial protection in case you’re responsible for injuring a person or damaging property.

Coverage for Hulls and Motors

Coverage for your whole boat, including hulls and motors, offers extra peace of mind on the water.

Accessories Coverage

Your boat’s accessories, from depth finders and GPS units to water skis and wakeboards, are expensive, but the right policy can also cover these items.


Expanded Navigation Limits

If you plan on traveling far, be sure to contact your broker about your plans, because some policies may have limitations such as operating in U.S. or coastal waters, crewed vessels, and so on, chartering, and so on.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

If your boat must be written off, instead of reimbursing your its current value, this depreciation-free coverage pays for a new and comparable boat.

Unlimited Land Transportation

This option provides unlimited overland transportation coverage wherever you travel in Canada and the continental U.S..

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