Where to Camp for Free in Saskatchewan

By | January 3, 2023

If you’re aiming to keep costs down this year, check out this list of where you can camp for free with an RV in Saskatchewan. We’ve also included a list of low-cost campgrounds where fees are $10 or less per night.  

Where to Camp for Free in Saskatchewan 

There are places you can camp for free in Saskatchewan. Make sure you’re asking permission where necessary and practicing no-trace camping. Leave it looking better than when you arrived! 

Beaver-Cowan River Campground 

Located within Beaver-Cowan Recreation Site, this campground offers 11 unserviced campsites. There is free firewood available and each site has a firepit and picnic table. Fishing is available nearby. 

Courtenay Lake Campground  

Open from the May long weekend until September 30, this wilderness campground has five unserviced sites with picnic tables and firepits. There is also a beach and boat launch. This campground is located in remote northern Saskatchewan, around an eight hour drive from Prince Albert. 

Geikie River Campground  

Offers eight unserviced sites with picnic tables and firepits. There is a boat launch and fish cleaning facility as well. You must pack out your own garbage! This campground is open from the May long weekend to September 30 and is located in remote Northern Saskatchewan. 

Ile a la Crosse War Veteran’s Park Campground 

This beautiful campground offers a floating dock, boat launch, beach, sewage disposal, picnic shelter, picnic tables and firepits for 22 unserviced campsites. Firewood is also available for purchase. This campground is a four hour drive northwest of Prince Albert. 

Jayjay Lake Recreation Site 

Located nearly 2.5 hours north of Prince Albert, this recreation site is situated on Jayjay Lake. You can fish and use non-powered boats. There is camping available with no services.  

Lac La Plonge  

Located along Lac la Plonge, this campground is around 3 hours north of Prince Albert. There is a beach, boat launch, fish cleaning facility, picnic tables and firepits for 19 unserviced campsites.    

Norvil Olson Campground  

This campground offers six unserviced sites with picnic tables and firepits. There is also a boat launch and fish cleaning facility. The campground is open from the May long weekend to the Labour Day long weekend.    

Parr Hill Lake Campground 

This campground is located within Porcupine Hills Provincial Park, two to three hours drive east from Prince Albert and Saskatoon. The campground is in a forest near Parr Hill Lake. There is a boat launch, fish cleaning facility, picnic area with a shelter, picnic tables and firepits. There are 12 unserviced campsites available for free on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Taylor Lake Campground  

This campground is open from the May long weekend to Labour Day and offers 13 unserviced sites. There is a boat launch, beach, pit toilets, picnic tables and firepits to enjoy. 

Crown Land Camping 

You may be able to camp on crown land in Saskatchewan for free. However, the land must not be in use and there may be restrictions on vehicles and activities. You can find a map of crown land here, be sure to contact the district’s Land Management Specialist or call 306.787.5322 to find out if you’re allowed to camp. 

Private Property 

If you’ve spied a perfect spot to camp but it’s on private land… why not ask if you can camp there? The property owner may be happy to let you camp for free or a small fee. Always get permission before camping on someone’s private property – otherwise you are trespassing!  

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Northern marsh and lake in Saskatchewan in fall.

Low-Cost Campgrounds 

While these campgrounds are not free, they are quite affordable and also offer a bit more in terms of amenities. Only the municipal campgrounds offering campsites for less than $10 per night are included here; there are many more offering sites for $15 or $20 (and often have better amenities).  

Chaplin Campground 

Located just off Highway 1 between Swift Current and Moose Jaw, Chaplin Campground offers six electric and six unserviced sites. There are picnic tables, firepits, a modern washroom and drinking water is available. It is $10 to $15 per night and the campground is first come first served, open June 1 to August 31. Pay with cash or cheque when you self-register.  

Cudworth Campground 

This municipal campground is located in Cudworth, 85 kilometers northeast of Saskatoon. Open May 1 to October 31 annually, there are five unserviced sites and five sites with electricity. There is also a group camping areas. Amenities include a picnic area with tables and a shelter; barbecues; water; sewage disposal; and a playground. It costs $10 per night or $50 per week or $150 per month, making it an affordable option for campers. Booking details can be found here. 

Gainsborough Campground 

With a total of 19 sites (four with electricity and 15 unserviced), this village campground offers camping for only $10 per night. It is within walking distance to the local attractions and offers drinking water, sewage disposal, picnic tables and a picnic shelter. This municipal campground is open April 1 to October 31 and you must register at the village office. 

Don Forsyth Campground 

This municipal campground is open May 1 to September 30. It offers eight electric sites and 18 unserviced sites. There are also modern washrooms with showers, drinking water, picnic tables and firepits at this campground. It costs $10 per night to camp here.  

Knights of Columbus Park and Campground 

Located just over an hour northeast of Regina, this campground offers 4 electric campsites and group camping. There are firepits, picnic tables, a playground, a gazebo, outdoor toilets, and drinking water available. Firewood can also be purchased. A campsite costs $5 to $10 per night (pay at the park entrance or village office). The campground is open May 1 to October 15. It’s also located next to the Dysart Museum. For more information, you can visit the website. 

Lion’s Club Campground 

Located on the edge of Turtleford (an hour east of Lloydminster), this campground offers ten unserviced campsites and seven sites with electricity. There are picnic tables, firepits, flush toilets, a sewage dumping station, potable water and a playground. Unserviced sites are $10 per night and power sites are $15 per night. 

Paradise Hill Campground 

There are six electric and ten unserviced campsites at Paradise Hill Campground. Located 45 minutes northwest of Lloydminster, there is a gas station, washroom with showers, picnic shelter and tables, playground and sewage disposal facilities. Self-register for your site and expect to pay $10 to $15 per night. The campground is open May 15 until Labour Day.  

Tantallon Recreation Area 

There are eight unserviced sites, a few serviced sites and a group camping area at this municipal campground. Even better, it offers a modern washroom, shower, playground, sewage disposal, as well as picnic tables and firepits. The fee is $10 to $15 per night.  

Unity and District Regional Park 

The campground portion of this park is located two kilometers west of Unity on Highway 14. There are 14 unserviced sites available for $10 per night. Group camping is also available. There are firepits and picnic tables. The campground is located across from a golf course with a restaurant. You can enjoy the modern washrooms, ball diamonds, playground, horseshoe pits, outdoor swimming pool, museum and more at the park in town. The campground is first come first serve and is open April 1 to September 30. There are hiking trails and great bird watching opportunities nearby. Visit the website for more details. 

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Saskatchewan Provincial Parks 

Unfortunately, there is no free parking in Saskatchewan’s provincial parks. However, some parks offer economy camping for $18 per night. Otherwise, it costs $20 per night for an unserviced site, $33 per night for a powered site and $44 per night for a full service site.  

You are also required to have a Saskatchewan Parks entry permit which is $10 per day, $40 per week or you can get an annual pass for $75. (If you’re a resident of Saskatchewan 65 years or older, you are eligible for a free annual entry permit.) 

Saskatchewan National Parks 

Saskatchewan has two national parks, Grasslands and Prince Albert. Both offer camping although there is no free camping or boondocking allowed. The cheapest rates for campsites are found in Prince Albert National Park. Sandy Lake and Namekus Lake campgrounds offer sites for $16.75 per night ($13.75 per night during shoulder season). Sandy Lake offers 31 unserviced sites and Namekus Lake offers 20 unserviced sites. They are first come first served. There are fire pits, picnic tables and pit toilets. There is not potable water. 

You are required to hold a Parks Canada pass which is $145.25 for a family (up to seven people). Seniors (65 or older) are eligible for a discounted annual pass at $61.75 and children 17 and under are free. A single adult pass is $72.25. Some locations also offer location-specific passes. The pass is worth it if you stay in the park for more than a few days or visit parks multiple times over the year. Otherwise, an adult daily admission is $10.50 per day. 

We hope you enjoy the incredible nature Saskatchewan has to offer! Let us know your favourite campground (free or otherwise).

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