What to Consider When Picking an RV Layout

By Samantha Lemna | September 5, 2018

One of the most important considerations for an RV purchase is layout. The layout affects your daily RV living as well as impacts the size weight and price of your RV. But how do you know exactly what you need from your future RV’s layout? Consider how you plan to use your RV and your camping setup.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I plan to use my RV?
  • What is my ideal camping setup? Is this achievable at most campgrounds?
  • Will my RV need to be fully functional and accessible if it’s not fully set up (i.e. the slides are not out)?
  • Do I normally take advantage of campground bathroom facilities or will I need to use my RVs?
  • How many people do I plan to regularly sleep? Do I want the option to sleep more? Do I mind assembling and disassembling beds?
  • Do I plan on working from my RV?
  • What do I bring camping? What do I plan to store in the RV?
  • Will I be cooking in the RV frequently or using an outdoor kitchen space?
  • Do I need any exterior features such as a television or kitchen?

The answers to these questions will help determine what priorities you have in an RV layout. Rank these points on level of importance. If having an exterior kitchen is a luxury but not a necessity it can be sacrificed for the extra storage space – or vice versa!

For example a family that camps on weekends and takes a few road trips for vacation may prioritize bathroom facilities (including having an exterior door to the bathroom) and sleeping space. A couple that snowbirds during the winter may prioritize the kitchen and storage space. Someone who works out of their RV and travels frequently may need a place to work.

Getting a copy of the floor layout plan can be helpful when researching your RV but the best thing to do is go see models yourself. It can be difficult to visualize the space properly.