Renting an RV in Alberta

By viola wallace | December 12, 2017

The sharing economy is booming with plenty of goods and service trading sites and apps. This has expanded to RV rentals with help from companies like WheelEstate  Outdoorsy  RVShare  online peer-to-peer RV/trailer renting marketplaces. Before you start renting an RV in Alberta and head out on the road trip you’ve always dreamed of there are some important things you should know.

Check the Insurance

First and foremost you want to ensure that the person or company you are renting from has a commercial insurance policy on the RV. If they only have a standard personal RV policy or coverage under their home insurance it is not enough. With a standard policy you will not be covered as a renter and neither will they if anything goes wrong while you are renting the RV. The owner could come after you to recoup their losses and you will have no recourse. We strongly recommend that you ask for evidence of a commercial policy before money exchanges hands. One positive to renting from a rental company like WheelEstate  Outdoorsy  or RVShare is that they have insurance policies that cover you and the trailer while you’re renting.

It is also important to chat with the owner or company to understand anything additional that they may expect you to pay them for at the end of the rental. For example what if a tire blows or you need to get a repair during your travels? Will they reimburse you for these expenses and make you pay out of pocket?

If you are towing the RV to your vehicle or a rental vehicle you should also chat with your own insurance broker  or a rental company agent to ensure that the auto coverage accounts for trailing an RV. You may need to get temporary extended coverage. Otherwise you could find yourself not fully covered and at risk if something happens to the RV that damages your vehicle. For example an electrical fire that started in the RV and spread to the vehicle might not be covered by your existing car insurance policy. It is always a good idea to double check and ask up front when insurance is involved.

Note the Condition of the RV

Similar to an apartment or U-Haul rental it is a smart move to document the condition of the RV before you set out on the road and make note of the condition when you return it. In your initial scan check that everything works – all of the electrical hook ups and appliances. Make note of any superficial damage including scratches or dents on the interior and exterior of the RV. Also it is a good idea to have the owner walk through how the appliances and hook ups work before you head out. This way you are less likely to cause inadvertent damage from improper use.

Do Your Homework About Renting an RV in Alberta

Research companies online and find out what their policies surrounding maintenance are. Do they have annual inspections done to ensure the roadworthiness and safety of the RV? What are other customers saying about the company? Asking these questions will ensure you’re not on the hook in case of a breakdown or accident.

There are also plenty of individuals listing RVs for rent on sites like Kijiji and Craigslist. While the price tags on these rentals might be more attractive there is usually a reason. Often individuals may not have the proper insurance on their RV which they may not even realize. There are trusted RV rental companies and peer lending sites that come with the protection of knowing that they are properly insured. Make sure you look into all of the details about your rental before you agree to anything.