Is what I bring camping covered by my insurance?

By viola wallace | July 5, 2018

It’s summer again and time to enjoy the great outdoors. As you make plans for camping trips insuring your possessions is probably the last thing on your mind. But you should give some thought to it especially if you have a fully outfitted RV. What would you do if your camping gear was damaged in a storm or stolen while you were out on a hike? Could you afford to replace it all? Would your insurance cover the costs? It all depends on your insurance policy you have.

I have a standalone RV insurance policy.

What you bring camping may already be covered under your existing insurance policy depending on the kind of policy you have. If you have a standalone policy for your RV there’s a good chance that your personal belongings are covered up to your policy limit. RV policies typically cover both your recreational vehicle and the contents within it.

Your broker can help you understand exactly what is covered and what isn’t including what types of damage and loss are covered and what amount you’ll receive if your stuff is damaged destroyed or stolen.

Keep in mind if you bring a large amount of stuff or have expensive items you may want to check your policy limits to ensure your insurance will cover you. You’ll also want to talk to your broker about how your RV insurance and home insurance policies interact with items kept at home.

I’ve added my RV to my home insurance policy.

Your home insurance will generally cover loss to your personal belongings but the extent of your coverage greatly depends on the particular details of your home insurance policy. Usually the contents of your home are protected anywhere you take such a belonging. So it is possible that whatever you take along on your camping trip is insured.

Bear in mind however that making a claim for your camping gear would be a home insurance claim. Don’t forget that high value items (including sport equipment like kayaks and bicycles) may be subject to a policy limit. Talk to your broker to find out how your home insurance covers your RV and personal belongings.

I just have a home insurance policy.

If you haven’t added your RV to your home insurance policy nor do you have a separate RV policy chances are that your personal belongings are not protected. Now is as good a time as any to look into remedying that before you head out on your camping trip.

A separate RV policy is the best option for protecting both your RV and your belongings whether you bring them from home or they live in the RV year-round. It offers the most protection when it comes to the amount you’ll receive and the types of damage and losses covered. Talk to your broker about your options or get a quote here: