How to Keep Mice Out of Your RV

By viola wallace | December 13, 2017

Every budding camper has probably heard how frustrating it can be to deal with an infestation of unwanted guests like mice and other vermin. Your best bet therefore is to ensure it never happens in the first place. Thankfully there are many preventative measures you can take to lower the likelihood of vermin introducing themselves into your RV. Better still those preventative measures are easy to follow. So here’s how to keep mice out of your RV (and other vermin too).

Don’t store food in your RV when it is not in use

Often rodents are attracted by leftover food and crumbs. Such little amounts of food may seem insignificant to us but to mice they are a powerful attraction. So when your RV is not in use take out any unused food. This will stop the food from spoiling and also prevent visits from unwelcome guests. This should be a step in your winterizing process .

Make sure that food is tightly sealed

Mice and other vermin have a keen sense of smell meaning that unsealed food can become a mouse magnet. Tightly sealed food often does not smell quite as much and is therefore less attractive to rodents. So when possible keep food that you’re not going to use immediately in airtight containers.

Keep your RV clean

Mice are attracted to untidy places like bees to honey. which means that if your RV is not properly cared for it will attract mice. Worse still it gives them the opportunity to nest and breed. A nest in your RV can be incredibly frustrating to deal with as it’s not just one mouse you need to get rid of it is many. Keeping your RV clean can be as simple as vacuuming the floor and taking out the trash but it can make a whole world of difference.

Check for access points

Access points can be holes and open windows or via plumbing in the living area. Entry points like these are usually straightforward and easy to fix the only problem is that they often go unnoticed for a while by which time mice might have gotten into your RV. To avoid this do periodic checks around your RV looking for holes or gaps through which mice can come. It is especially important to do this prior to the onset of winter. Mice often seek shelter during the cold winter months and an RV can be perfect for them.

Consider repellent

Repellents can be used to ward off unwanted visitors and they exist in many different forms. There are chemical-based ones and natural ones. Peppermint oil for example is excellent for warding off mice because they dislike the smell of it intensely. Some swear by placing dryer sheets throughout the RV. It is up to you when it comes to which type you decide to use but be careful that they do not become a hazard to your family especially if you have kids or pets.

Set Traps

Traps are the last line of defence when it comes to preventing an infestation. Usually you would resort to that when mice are already present. However you can use them even when you only suspect but are not sure about the presence of mice. There are many different kinds of traps some lethal and some not. Again consider the safety of your family.

None of these preventative measures is 100% guaranteed to prevent mice or other vermin but taken together they can lower the risk of an outbreak quite drastically which is what they are intended to do. You can also seek professional help at any time. This may only be a last effort due to the expense but keep in mind you don’t want your RV suffering extensive damage from any pests.