FAQ: Does RV Insurance Cover…?

By Samantha Lemna | May 8, 2019

What is covered by your RV insurance will vary by the insurance company and individual policy. There are lots of options when it comes to coverage so it’s important to read your policy documents and talk to your broker. They’ll help you understand all the insurance lingo and answer any questions you might have.

Here’s a list of common “does my RV insurance cover…” questions and their answers:

Does RV insurance cover my personal belongings?

Yes, RV insurance will cover most of your personal belongings and the usual things you bring along camping like clothing and kitchen stuff. There are some exclusions however such as jewelry camera equipment and golf clubs. Toys like jet skis and ATVs may require additional coverage so make sure you check if everything you bring will be protected. There’s also a limit on the amount of money you’ll get to replace your belongings in the event of covered loss or damage so it’s important to make sure that limit is enough for everything you plan to have with you in your RV.

Does RV insurance cover flood or water damage?

Some policies will include this type of damage while others will require you to purchase it as an add-on (known as an ‘endorsement.’) Other insurers may not offer this coverage at all.

Usually, coverage for water damage is restricted to damage caused by sewer backup and overland water. This means damage or loss caused by a backed-up sewer (or sump pump or septic system) or through torrential rainfall runoff or overflow of bodies of water will be covered. There are often certain conditions such as being parked a certain distance away from a river in order to be covered.

Water damage a broken appliance or plumbing system inside your unit is usually included but sometimes things like frozen or burst pipes aren’t covered. You should check with your broker or insurer.

Is my awning covered through RV insurance?

Generally yes awnings are covered. However, some policies have awning exclusions or you can opt to exclude your awning yourself in order to possibly lower your premium.

Awning damage caused by storms may also have a special minimum deductible (the amount that you pay before your insurance kicks in).

Does RV insurance cover hail wind and general storm damage?

Yes, generally damage by storms is covered including that caused by wind and hail.

Remember that any damage caused by leaving windows doors and vents open when the storm hits won’t be covered. For example, let’s say you left your trailer doors and window open and drove into town to get some groceries. If there was a big storm while you were away and the wind rain and hail broke things on the interior of your trailer those things would not be covered. However, if your trailer was all closed up and the storm ripped open the door and damaged items inside you would be covered.

Some policies may also give you the option to exclude hail coverage. This is common if your RV was hail damaged and you accepted a cash settlement in lieu of repairs. After that point, no hail damage will be covered.

Is my RV’s roof covered through insurance?

General maintenance and wear-and-tear is not covered by insurance. However, if a tree falls on your unit during a storm or hail pokes holes in the roof you would be covered. The cause of the damage is important.

Is mould or fungi or rot covered by insurance?

No RV insurance does not cover any type of mould, fungi or rot damage even if it was caused by an insured event such as a storm. Proper maintenance should prevent mould and fungi which is why it isn’t covered.

Is my RV covered in the event of a wildfire?

Yes, your RV is covered for fire damage and loss including smoke damage and explosions. However, you will not be able to insure your RV if there is a wildfire within 50 kilometres of its location. That’s why it’s important to have coverage before the worst happens.

Is my RV covered if someone steals it or attempts to steal it?

Theft of your personal property and RV are covered however damage caused by theft and attempted theft is not covered.

You must report the crime to the police as soon as it is discovered.

Am I covered in the event of an earthquake?

Earthquake coverage is available although many insurers have it as an add-on or endorsement. This means it is a separate purchase.

If you plan on RVing in any places at risk for earthquakes you should get this coverage or check to see if it is included in your policy.

As you can see it really depends on your insurer and your individual policy. Insurance companies are expanding and refining their products each year so it’s important to stay on top of what’s covered. While you’ll be notified of any big changes to your policy you should review your insurance at least once a year. Your broker is a great resource to answer your questions and help keep your insurance easy.