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Our Top 5 Campgrounds Near Kelowna

  Kelowna in the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley is a gem of a destination. With its great weather amazing nature and its array…

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RV Tires: What You Need to Know

One thing all RVs have in common is that they all have tires. Big or small basic or luxurious motorhome or trailer they all need…

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Top 3 US Snowbird Destinations

It’s the lifestyle many of us dream to have: packing up and heading south when the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall. Canada’s…

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What affects my RV insurance rates?

For many Canadians their RV is a ticket to freedom –  the freedom to spend a weekend at a favourite spot take an extended summer…

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What should my RV insurance cover?

Not all insurance policies are created equal and this goes double for insuring your RV. It is a common misconception is that you’re adequately protected…

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Is Travel Medical Insurance Necessary for Domestic Travel in Canada?

One of the many benefits that comes with living in Canada is the government-funded healthcare we enjoy. Without it the cost of healthcare would be…

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Avoid RV rental scams: Learn about the 3 most common schemes and how to protect yourself.

Camping is a favourite past time of many Canadians. Many prefer RVs over tents for comfort and convenience. But most of us either can’t afford…

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5 Things That Can Void Your RV Policy

Many people believe that once the insurance policy is purchased you’re covered no matter what. However your insurer will list certain actions in your policy…

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Trip Interruption for RV Road Trips

When faced with the bewildering number of travel insurance options most of us will probably gravitate towards low-cost alternatives or not bother with it at…

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