Am I covered if my RV is stolen?

By Sam Lemna | February 3, 2021

Thieves steal trailers and motorhomes because they can be easy targets and the RV and its contents can have a lot of value. Catalytic converters were a commonly stolen part for motorhomes in 2020. Theft can happen when you’ve left your RV unattended at a campground, while it’s parked in your driveway, or even if it’s in a secured storage facility. 

Should the worst happen, will you be covered if your RV is stolen? What if just the catalytic converter is taken? What about if your stuff goes missing?

Luckily, if you have the right insurance you will be covered if your RV is stolen – including if just the catalytic converter or your regular camping equipment is taken. However, if you don’t have the right insurance you will not be covered for any theft. In this article, we’ll discuss the various ways you can insure your RV and if they’ll cover theft.  

Insuring Your RV with Auto Insurance 

If you rely on your auto insurance to cover your trailer, you will not be covered if your trailer is stolen. Your auto insurance will only cover third party liability while you’re pulling the trailer. Any damage to the trailer or its contents will not be covered.  

However, motorhomes are a little different. Because you drive them, you can insure a motorhome similarly to a vehicle. However, you need specific coverage to include theft as an insured peril. Whether you’re covered or not will depend on the coverage you’ve purchased and your individual insurance company and policy. 

Insuring Your RV with Home Insurance 

If you’ve added your trailer on to your home insurance, you should check your policy wordings. Some insurers may not cover theft of your trailer or will only cover it under specific circumstances. 

Generally, motorhomes cannot be added to home insurance so would not be covered for theft by this policy.

As for your trailer or motorhome’s contents, you may have coverage under your home insurance policy. You should again review your policy documents for any limits or exclusions to your coverage.

Insuring Your RV with RV Insurance 

If your RV is stolen, you’re covered with RV insurance. As this type of policy is specifically designed to protect trailers and motorhomes, theft is generally included as a covered peril. 

This is one of many reasons RV insurance is a year-round policy. Theft can happen anywhere and at any time of year. You’re only covered if your policy is active.  

My RV Isn’t Insured 

If your RV isn’t insured, you will not be covered if it is stolen. Even if it’s stored in a secured facility, you will be unlikely to receive any compensation for a stolen RV.  

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