Why a Speciality Policy?

Want to ride your motorbike up through the mountains of Banff and Jasper without having to worry about loss, damage or escalating insurance premiums?

Do you want comprehensive coverage for your ATV, boat or recreational vehicle that’s specifically designed to protect against particular dangers that only impact these hobbies and pursuits?

This is when a specialty policy can help. Speciality policies are constructed to protect you and your equipment from specific loss and damage that are unique to your outdoor lifestyle. At RV Direct Insurance Ltd., we provide you with a range of specialty insurance options from our reputable insurance partners. Whether you pull a fifth wheel trailer, drive a sport boat, or go off-road with your ATV, we’ve got the coverage that fits your needs. Our aim is to provide you with choice and advice from a trusted advisor. It’s our promise to you.

To see how we can help, talk to one of our independent insurance brokers today. We’ll help you manage your risk and minimize losses with specialized insurance products, so you can get on with enjoying your outdoor pursuits.