Get the best coverage for insuring your hobby

Keeping park model homes safe and secure through all four seasons.

Just like a home insurance policy, insurance for park model homes provides either full replacement value or coverage for its full appraised value.


  1. Customized Policies

    Insuring your park model home for its proper value is vital. We offer full replacement value coverage, as well as market value coverage. To appreciate the difference, and get the right coverage, we give you start-to-finish assistance in determining the right coverage.

  2. Personalized - and Free - Policy Review

    Every park model policy is different, so we personalize your review to ensure you have the right coverage at the right price.

  3. Claim Advocacy

    We’re here to help you through the claim process.



Our park model homes insurance provides liability insurance in case someone is injured or hurt on your property.

Contents Replacement Cost

Your insured personal property—even belongings found in unattached buildings such as tool sheds—is covered for the cost to purchase new at the time of the claim.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

If you make a claim, you still get to finish your vacation with hotel and food accommodations provided.


Guaranteed Replacement Cost

With this add-on, you won’t worry about depreciation because your park model home’s value will be based on replacement value.

Recreational Vehicle Liability

Golf cart and e-bike liability coverage is available, just in case someone is hurt or injured when these recreational vehicles are in use or stored on your park mobile home property.

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