Get the best coverage for insuring your hobby

Protect the roof over your head and everything under it.

Insurance specifically created to protect mobile homes, whether you live in one full-time or are a seasonal traveler, offers the same comprehensive protection you’ve come to expect from homeowner policy coverage.


  1. Personal Property Insurance

    Protect your mobile home investment with personalized property insurance. Whether you live in your mobile home or use it as a seasonal cottage, we offer policies that cover your investment.

  2. Outbuilding and Golf Cart Coverage

    Protect all your belongings—even those items stored in unattached outbuildings—from damage and theft.

  3. Customized Policies

    Our insurance professionals review your needs with you to ensure you’re affordably covered.



Our mobile home insurance provides liability coverage in case someone is injured or hurt on your property.

Replacement Cost for Contents

Insured personal property is covered—for the cost to purchase new at the time of the claim. This applies even to belongings found in unattached buildings such as sheds.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

If something unfortunate occurs and you must make a claim on vacation, you will be able to complete (and enjoy) your trip, with hotel and food accommodations provided.


Guaranteed Replacement Cost

This option guarantees that, in the event your mobile home must be replaced, you will receive a brand new one similar to the old one.

Extra Coverage for Your Valuables

This helpful add-on will further protect personal belongings such as jewelry, fine arts, and even medical devices. Not only will this provide greater claims coverage, but also, if you must make a claim, your deductible will be significantly less.

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