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Insurance 101

Have you heard that red cars are charged higher insurance rates? Or that flood insurance is only required if you live near a river? There are plenty of insurance myths—some of which can cost you plenty. So, when it comes to RV insurance, or insurance that covers your mobile home, travel plans, boats or even your ATVs, it’s important to get accurate information. With Insurance 101, we not only expose the myths but offer integral information that helps you make informed decisions, while protecting you and your belongings.

Lesson #1. I don’t have much stuff, so I don’t need to protect my personal contents

When travelling in an RV, mobile home or travel trailer we tend to try and minimize our belongings. Not only do we not want to carry around dead weight, but we want to keep the clutter to a minimum. But you’d be surprised at how quickly the cost to replace all your belongings—as paired down as they are—would add up, if you were to lose it all to theft or damage. To minimize out-of-pocket losses, make sure your RV insurance policy covers the cost to replace your belongings as well to repair or replace your mobile home.

Lesson #2. You can’t get sewer backup coverage on a mobile home

Wrong. Mobile home insurance is just like your homeowner’s insurance—covering everything from fire to theft. Just like your home insurance policy, mobile home coverage also gives you the option to add sewer back-up to your policy.  

Lesson #3. All RV insurance coverage is the same

Your RV insurance coverage and cost will change depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of recreational vehicle you have (such as a Class A, B, or C motorhome or a fifth wheel or travel trailer).
  • Whether you use your RV for occasional or seasonal use, or live in your RV full-time.
  • Your driving record. You’re still driving on the roads, so your claims history and driving record still count when behind the wheel of your RV.