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If you own a park model in Edmonton, you should have the right insurance protection. Many insure their park model as a mobile home – but we strongly suggest that you avoid this, especially if you don’t live in your park model year-round. At RV Direct, we can help you protect your home whether you live there full time or use it as a seasonal home with Edmonton park model insurance. We offer comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

How to Get a Park Model Insurance Quote in Edmonton

You can get a park model insurance quote in Edmonton with RV Direct by:

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Why Choose RV Direct as Your Park Model Insurance Brokers in Edmonton

You should choose RV Direct as your Edmonton park model insurance brokers because:

  • We offer exceptional customer service.
  • We’re independent, meaning we work for you and not an insurance company.
  • Our coverage is comprehensive and customized for your individual situation.
  • Our policies are affordable.
  • We have unparalleled expertise in Edmonton park model insurance.

Our Edmonton travel trailer insurance brokers will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Do I have a park model?

You may not be sure if you own or are looking at a true park model. Generally, a true park model is like a small mobile home, delivered on a flat-bed truck. It is not usually towable. They’re normally built using 2×4 or 2×6 studs and finished with asphalt shingles and vinyl siding. They often have a regular house furnace and wiring. They don’t have slides or battery power.

While some park models are lived in full-time, most are used seasonally as a family cabin. They’re a popular choice for permanent lots in campgrounds or on private property.

How is insuring a park model different than a home in Edmonton?

Insurance for park models is similar to a traditional home, but not exactly the same. This is mainly because a park model is susceptible to certain claims. For example, Edmonton gets a lot of hail but if your park model is in a different part of the province, it may have a different risk.

If you only use your park model seasonally, it will also have additional risks due to being left empty.

Industry-leading Claims Service Guarantee for Edmonton Park Models

Alberta is known for its fast-changing weather. Edmonton is no exception to this rule. We saw this with the infamous Pine Lake Tornado which hit in the summer of 2000. RV Direct Insurance and its insurance company, Elite Insurance, were the first to set up a mobile claims centre right at ground zero to help our clients. The owner of RV Direct brought his own RV to the scene and set it up to help with processing all the claims. Our insurance company was also one of the few that ended up covering damages from the tornado. This is a huge reason why we’ve continued to have a good relationship with our insurance company because they really do have our clients’ interests in mind. We do what we can to help our ‘family’ out.

We use the largest park model insurance company in Canada and have park model appraisers on staff who truly know these units inside and out. If you’re involved in a claim, these experts will quickly and effectively determine what needs to be done to fix your unit. That means you can get back to enjoying your park model sooner.

What type of policies do we offer for Edmonton park model insurance?

Our policies include physical damage coverage for your park model, its contents, and outbuildings like fences, sheds, garages, and decks. We also offer premises liability to cover you if someone gets hurt or has their property damaged while visiting you.

We offer the following loss settlement options for Edmonton park model insurance policies:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost – If your unit is written off you will get a brand new unit similar to yours with no limit.
  • Standard Replacement Cost – If your unit is written off you will get a brand new unit similar to yours up to the insured limit.
  • Actual Cash Value – If your unit is written off you will only get back what you could have sold the unit for.

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