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Protect your treasured classic car with cost-effective and specialized coverage.

Your classic car isn't used or valued like your everyday commuter car, so why would it be insured like one? Collector car insurance is specialized for these types of vehicles, meaning you save money and get coverage better suited to your unique car. We work with you to determine the true value of your vehicle and provide coverage that reflects it —meaning that in the event of a claim, you’ll receive every cent of your car’s insured value.


  1. 100% Replacement Cost

    In the event of a total loss, you will receive the total cost, with zero depreciation, of your car’s insured value.

  2. No Appraisal

    Our insurance professionals work with you to determine the value of your classic car, thus saving you the hassle and cost of an appraisal.We work with Hagerty's internationally renowned valuation guide to establish an agreed value, which means your payout won't have deductions.

  3. No Kilometer Restrictions

    Drive your vehicle as much as you want - as long as it's not your daily commuter vehicle or used for business. Coverage can be geared toward classics that are only shown at car shows, antiques taken out for cruising, and everything in between. If you've got one that's parked or being worked on, reduced rates are available.

  4. Roadside Service Specially Tailored for Collector Cars

    These special vehicles can't just be towed and handled like a regular vehicle. Our coverage provides several levels of flatbed roadside services with soft straps and no hidden fees.
  5. 24/7 Specialized Claims Handling

    Collector cars require special consideration when it comes to claims. They require specialized parts and repair. You can use one of our approved repair shops, choose your own, or even repair the vehicle yourself. Parts specialists can help you find what you need, including stock replacements. 


Liability Coverage

Even classic cars require liability in the event you are responsible for injuries or property damage.

Claims Expertise

Claims work a little differently for collector cars, which is why we have flexible repair options and parts specialists to help.

Comprehensive Coverage

We understand you want to protect your treasured vehicle. From collisions to theft to vandalism, we can help you protect it.


Flat Deck Roadside Assistance

Choose from several different levels of roadside assistance - but all provide flatbed towing with soft straps to preserve your collector car. This roadside assistance provides paid hauling in the event of breakdown, anywhere in Canada and the continental U.S.

Family Protection Coverage

This coverage offers extra protection for everyone on your policy in case an uninsured or underinsured driver causes injury or death.

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