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Your park model is a home and it should be protected like one. Get a free quote for Calgary park model insurance and learn more about this coverage.
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Park models are becoming increasingly popular to Calgarians. They’re an easy and affordable way to have a home away from home, and there are plenty of park model resorts, campgrounds, and private property that offer a place to escape to within a few hours’ drive. Since park models are generally seasonally used, what happens if you aren’t able to check on it regularly? Many insurance companies void your policy after the property is vacant for more than 48 hours or require someone to check in on the unit every few days.

Here at RV Direct Insurance, we understand you might only live in your park model during the warmer summer months. We have a great summer seasonal Calgary park model insurance program that ensures you’re covered even while you’re not there. It’s an affordable way to protect your investment while giving you the coverage you need and deserve.

What is a Park Model?

A park model is like a small mobile home that is delivered on a flat-bed truck. It’s generally not towable. They are generally built with either 2×4 or 2×6 studs and finished with asphalt shingles and vinyl siding. Equipped with a regular house furnace and wiring, they do not have slides or battery power. They are also sometimes confused with a “park style” RV, which is simply a large RV that is more difficult to tow given how large it is.

They are popular alternatives to building a cabin from the ground up. They’re also great if you have property or a spot in a park that you return to every summer. This is a relatively new alternative to a cabin that is becoming increasingly popular.

Industry-leading Claims Service Guarantee

Imagine this: it’s a cold, snowy weekend in January. You’re sitting at home enjoying not being outside when you get a phone call from your RV resort telling you that the weight of the snow caused a tree to fall onto your park model. You get into your car and drive out to assess the damage and collect your belongings. Once there, you find out that not only was your park model damaged, but so was the bunkhouse you built to house extra family members last summer. Did you know that even though something like a bunkhouse may not be attached to your park model, you can still get coverage for it?

RV Direct Insurance works with Canada’s largest park model insurance company. We have appraisers on staff that specialize in park models. If you’re ever involved in a claim, these experts will go to your unit and quickly and accurately determine the damage done. Their expertise allows them to get you back into your place faster.

Our brokers also specialize in park model insurance, and they understand the policies inside and out. They can answer any questions you might have and help formulate a policy that gives you the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Contact a broker today to get started. It only takes a few minutes and the coverage is invaluable.

We offer the following types of policies:

Guaranteed Replacement Cost – If your unit is written off you will get a brand new unit similar to yours with no limit.

Standard Replacement Cost – If your unit is written off you will get a brand new unit similar to yours up to the insured limit.

Actual Cash Value – If your unit is written off you will only get back what you could have sold the unit for.