When Should I Contact My RV Insurance Broker?

By Samantha Lemna  | 
11/7/19 2:15 PM

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Keep your RV insurance broker in the loop whenever something changes. This includes if you:

  1. Change your contact information. 
  2. Move. 
  3. Sell your RV (or buy a new one). 
  4. Change how you use your RV. 
  5. Change something with your RV such as renovating or installing a new feature. 
  6. Notice any damage to your RV.

In this article, we’ll break down all these reasons for contacting your RV insurance broker and why it’s important. 

Contact Information

Your RV insurance broker needs to be able to reach you if there’s important communication regarding your insurance. Your phone number and email address are our primary methods of contacting you - and if we can’t reach you, you may be unaware of an issue or change to your insurance. 

For example, let’s say your insurer makes a rate change or change to one of their coverages. We need to be able to reach you to give you a heads up and discuss your options. Otherwise, you could have a nasty surprise with your bill or when you go to file a claim. We want to avoid that! 


Insurers often send you your RV insurance policy information via mail, so it’s important we have the correct address on file to avoid any surprises or missed payments. 

Your address may also impact your rates, depending on where you take your RV and where you store it during the winter. 

Selling or Buying an RV

Obviously, we don’t want you to pay for an RV policy you no longer have! Also, if you purchase a new RV, we need to ensure it’s adequately protected. Your new RV won’t be insured until it has its own policy (although some insurers offer a grace period to change your policy, it may not be for the full value of your new RV).

Changing How You Use Your RV

If you go from using your RV throughout to summer to living in it full time, that’s a major change that affects your insurance. We need to know to ensure you’re adequately protected and so your insurer is notified. 

Changing Your RV

If you have plans to remodel your RV, you should contact your broker first. Some renovations are not covered and it’s important to discuss your options. 

Also, if you’re adding features to your RV, you want to make sure they’re reflected in the valuation of your RV. Some features such as security alarms can get you discounts, too! 

Damage to Your RV

Obviously, if you see any damage to your RV you should document it and give us a call. That doesn’t mean you need to make a claim - in fact, we can help you determine if you should take care of it yourself or submit a claim to your insurer. 

Why You Should Contact Your RV Insurance Broker

Your RV insurance broker is your insurance resource. Our job is to make sure you’re adequately covered and keep you up to date with your insurance. Keeping us up to date when things change helps us protect you and advocate for you in the event of a claim. We’re also here to answer your insurance questions.

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