The best laid plans… Make for a great camping trip with Victor and the family!

By victor diggs | March 4, 2019

RV shopping with Rita has been fun and exciting. We’ve been taking all the great advice we’ve been getting and we are closing in on an RV that will match our budget and our family camping style. This brings us one step closer to hitting the road this season and on our way to the locations we’ve been planning to adventure.

Plan Ahead – Book a Location

Even though there is still snow on the ground I’ve had campsites booked for this coming season for quite some time. We’re no rookies. Even with just our tent and some gear in the trunk of our car I learned early on to book ahead to avoid disappointment. We were a little more fly by the seat of our pants when it was just Rita and I but with the kids we don’t take chances on catching a site at the last minute.

While doing my research this year I learned that there are approximately 250 provincial campgrounds with over 14000 sites in Alberta provincial parks alone.  What’s more is the government is investing $38 million in provincial park upgrades this year. Amazing right!? This gives us plenty of places to travel to before we even think about our neighbouring provinces although I’ve had my eye on a few places outside our borders too.

Once you start looking around it can be a bit of a rabbit hole and the options seem endless. Like anything expectation vs reality can really differ. My suggestion is to read reviews and take recommendations from fellow campers and friends to get started. Here are the main places I start looking around for reservations.:

If you haven’t booked yours just yet not to worry there are some locations and dates still available – prime spots and dates may just not be an option. However since so many people book early there are often cancellations as the dates get nearer and plans change so follow-up often and when possible get yourself on a waiting list.

Gearing up!

Next I need to start going through all of our camping gear and start repairing or replacing. We’ve amassed a fairly decent collection of tools and equipment and after years of use I’m noticing the wear and tear. Pieces are lost and never to be found from our camp kitchen the hatchet is dull from prepping campfire after campfire and the tarps that we find a new purpose for every trip are riddled with holes.  I’ve got a million to-do lists on the go right now but this one will be the most satisfying to get through – I know the end result will be R and R with the family.

The RV Direct Team has given us yet another gift certificate to give away!

Since I am certain to be doing a little more shopping as I get us ready for the season (and there isn’t an outdoor store in this city that doesn’t know me by name) tell me what your favourite camping gear is. For every suggestion of a “I can’t live without this” item on the Facebook or Instagram post attached to this blog you’ll be entered in a draw to win another $50 gift certificate to Canadian Tire! Plus sharing the post gets you an additional entry to improve your odds.

Good luck!

Victor D.