S.O.S. – Help me survive camping with my family!!

By vicky diggs | March 25, 2019

Hi I’m Vicky! I’m 14 years old and I have a little brother named Robbie he’s 8. My mom and dad said I needed to write something for this blog so here I am. Don’t they know it’s spring break?? This feels a lot like homework – not cool mom and dad not cool.

My favourite things about camping…

My family is pretty excited about this new RV we are getting. Mom and Dad have been doing all kinds of planning for places to go. I really do like camping we usually have a pretty good time but ALL summer? Most of the places we’re going don’t look like they’ll be even remotely close to an internet connection. How am I going to stay in touch with friends? Keep up with my Insta? Not to mention escaping my little brother Robbie. He’s ALWAYS hanging around!

Mom said I had to be positive about writing this post so here is a list of the things I am looking forward to this summer.

  • Beaches – Dad has booked some campsites with beaches (he said he used this site ). I’ll get to work on my tan swim and listen to my music.
  • Geocaching – We started doing this as a family last summer and I have to admit it was a lot of fun. It’s certainly better than just hiking for the “fun” of it. Mom found all the details here to help us get started.
  • Pit stops – We get to do some awesome things on a road trip that we don’t usually get to when we are home or even when we fly for a vacation. Along the highway mom and dad always seem to find things like adventure parks go-karting mini golf and sometimes there are little markets too. It makes the drive a little less boring.
  • I get to give away a prize too!

    Now that I’ve helped mom and dad take over the RV Direct social media it’s my turn to actually post what I want. And I get to giveaway a prize too! RV Direct is giving away a $50 gift certificate to MEC – all you have to do suggest some fun things to do with teens like me while camping. Just post it on the Facebook or Instagram post attached to this blog and remember sharing the post gets you an additional entry to improve your odds