Top 3 US Snowbird Destinations

By viola wallace | November 22, 2018

It’s the lifestyle many of us dream to have: packing up and heading south when the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall. Canada’s long harsh winter make the snowbird life extremely tempting. Who wouldn’t want to spend even just a week in the sun? If you’ve got some vacation to spare are able to work remotely or are retired snowbirding may be an option for you.

Buying or renting a house condo or apartment somewhere in warmer climes is an option for aspiring snowbirds but many prefer the freedom and flexibility that comes with living in an RV. Whether you travel around or head to the same spot year after year the RV snowbird lifestyle can be comfortable and affordable.

But where should you go? Here are the 3 most popular destinations for snowbird Canadians heading to the US:

1. Florida

Florida is by far the most popular snowbird destination for both Canadian and US snowbirds. It’s  home to large numbers of affordable RV parks which can serve as a base for snowbirds to enjoy the kind of activities unthinkable in the Canadian winter.

Some of Florida’s more popular snowbird destinations can be a little crowded so those looking for a bit more peace and quiet can check out:

  • Seaside – Seaside is a small town on the coast of the Florida panhandle made famous by the movie The Truman Show. It was designed to be walk-able old-fashioned and unique. After seeing the town visitors can relax on the white sand beach.
  • Turtle Beach – This beach at the Southern end of the Tampa Bay Area has many small campsites where RVing snowbirds can rest up. It has the advantage of being quieter than the nearby Siesta Beach often called ‘the best beach in America.’

2. Arizona

The winter temperatures are just perfect for a Canadian looking to escape the cold without burning to a crisp or dealing with oppressive humidity. Arizona offers exquisite desert beauty as well as a variety of towns and cities to explore. A couple of the most popular destinations for snowbirds in Arizona are:

  • Green Valley – If golf is your thing this area of southern Arizona’s Sonoran desert provides six courses to try. Views of the Santa Rita Mountains beautiful semi-arid plant life and some of the best air outside Canada keep many snowbirds coming back every year.
  • Yuma – Winter sun being the driving force behind the snowbird phenomenon it’s no surprise that thousands come every year to Yuma arguably the sunniest place in the world. Apart from relaxing in the sun snowbirds can take advantage of a number of sports facilities and enjoy some of the best fresh fruit and vegetables in the US.

Snowbirds might want to take the time to see:

  • Bisbee – This old-mining town experienced a revival in the 1960 with an influx of artists and hippies and today is home to theatres coffee shops and interesting and varied architecture which can all be experienced on foot.
  • The Grand Canyon – An obvious choice but a must-see for those who have seen the pictures but still want to be blown away by the real thing.
  • Flagstaff – located only 80 miles from the Grand Canyon this city has a lot to offer. Explore and learn about Native American culture enjoy the many excellent cafes and restaurants discover local arts and crafts and immerse yourself in the beautiful ponderosa pine forests.  

3. Texas

‘Winter Texans’ is the preferred term for snowbirds in the Lone Star State. There’s no shortage of these individuals with many thousands heading south to enjoy the sunshine hospitality food and fun that the state has to offer. A couple of locations that are highly regarded by snowbirds are:

  • San Antonio – As well as some of the best shopping to be had in Texas San Antonio offers a relaxed atmosphere great food and drink and the opportunity to explore the San Antonio Missions now a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Harlingen – A city in the Rio Grande Valley Harlingen boasts the lowest cost of living of any city in the United States. A monthly market painted murals and nearby hiking trails are some of what bring so many snowbirds to the southern tip of Texas. Hundreds of thousands of snowbirds of the literal variety also spend the winter here and can be observed from many spots surrounding the city.

Sold on any of these destinations? We can help you make snowbirding a reality as well as help protect you while you’re on your adventures. Ensure your insurance needs are taken care of before you leave so that you can fully relax and enjoy the sunshine.