I’m done with school let’s go camping already!

By robbie diggs | April 22, 2019

Hi it’s me Robbie… and my big sister Vicky. She is helping me with the writing and to post stuff to social media too – mostly because I don’t really get how to use it or have a smartphone of my own. Vicky said it’s a way to share what I’m thinking and the things that I think are cool. I like that I idea.

Spring break come back! Summer I’m so ready!!

Vicky and I are both back at school now that spring break is over which makes me a bit sad. I liked sleeping in visiting friends and I got to go to a birthday party too. It was at the Humane Society . It was AWESOME! I got to pet all kinds of animals cats dogs bunnies we even got to see some reptiles. I’ve been begging mom for a pet ever since. She said no at first but even Dad and Vicky think it’s a good idea so maybe she’ll change her mind.

I can’t wait to go camping this summer again! Everybody else is pretty excited about this new RV we are getting but I don’t really care it’s just a different place to sleep.

I love roasting marshmallows to make s’mores in the campfire fishing with my Dad and catching bugs and frogs. That part is my favourite. I don’t love the super long hikes Mom and Dad make us take or how long it takes us to drive there – Vicky is usually listening to her music in the car so I get kinda bored especially since I’m not allowed to bring any electronics.

What I don’t get to keep the prize?

Vicky said we each get a prize to do this post but it wasn’t until now that she explained to me it’s to give away to you. Not awesome. But I DO get to decide how we give it away though so I like that.

The prize is a $100 GC to Petvalu from RV Direct. Please give me some fun ideas so I’m not so bored in the car on the long rides in the back seat. Just post it on the Facebook or Instagram post attached to this blog and remember sharing the post gets you an additional entry to improve your odds