Shopping for a Family RV with Rita!

By rita diggs | February 21, 2019

I am so excited to be guest blogging – and a little nervous too. This is all new to me and the whole Diggs crew but we are up to the challenge.

After attending the RV show last month where we met the RV Direct team we couldn’t wait to start doing some planning for new adventures. It’s nice to have something to look forward to especially in this winter chill.   

We are not new to camping and adventuring so my husband Victor has already booked us some great destinations for the season knowing that they fill up quickly. However we are new to the world of RVs fifth wheels and tent trailers.  Our little family seems to have outgrown our pop-up tent days and I’ll be the first to admit I miss some of the modern conveniences these alternatives offer each time we set out.

Where do we start?

Before we started to shop around we set a budget. Out at the campsites our tents are often lost in a sea of trailers and RVs many of which look as though they may have cost as much as our family home. Without a doubt this kind of adventure is way out of our price range. Going to the RV show set my mind at ease though it was really helpful to see what all of the dealers had to offer. I had no idea how many options there were and there were more than enough that fit our budget without compromising our travel style and the comforts we were searching for.

Still a little overwhelmed by all the options and armed with all the brochures spec sheets and more – I need a plan to whittle it down. Here’s where I’m at so far… 

  • Remove any options that don’t fit into our budget. It’s no fun to own a new toy if we can’t afford to get away and use it.
  • Make a list of the ‘must-haves’. As far as I’m concerned anything that makes clean up easier during and after our trips is a must-have.
  • Make a list of the ‘nice-to-haves’. This list could go on for miles that’s why ‘budget’ was step number 1.
  • Consider storage. Figure out winter storage options and costs based on size and maintenance.
  • Call my broker about insurance. I’m guessing that like my auto insurance there are variables that could end up costing us more than we hope to spend on insurance. It would be good to know this before we commit to making a purchase.
  • Anything else that might be helpful with our shopping and decision making? I’d love your help! And the lovely team at RV Direct have generously offered up some new prizing for your contributions to our experience. Awesome right?

    Offer your suggestions for shopping considerations on the Facebook or Instagram post attached to this blog and you’ll be entered into a draw for a $50 Canadian Tire gift card. Plenty of great camping supplies to be had there! Sharing the post gets you an additional entry to improve your odds. 

    I look forward to hearing all of your great advice!


    Rita D.