Pet Adoption! Where do I start?!

By robbie diggs | June 7, 2019

Hey RVDers it’s me Robbie Diggs again! I just had to share my awesome news. You’ll never believe how amazing my summer is going to be! I have been begging my parents to let me get a dog for months now – well really I was begging my mom my dad was ready to get to a pet store the minute I mentioned it. Anyway my mom finally said YES!!

I’ve had to make all sorts of promises but I don’t care it’s stuff I totally would have done anyway. Like walk him every day clean up after him (I’m hoping I can make a deal with Vicky on this duty) feed him and of course keep him clean. The last thing mom wants around the house is “another body to clean up after”.

Plus I had to save up a bit of my own money to put towards supplies. I did a little research to see how much I needed for a leash food dishes and some toys and I’ve learned that pets can be expensive… especially when you only earn .50 cents every time you empty the dishwasher or take out the garbage. I have enough now though! 

I was hoping we’d get to go to a pet store this weekend. I want to get moving before anybody has the chance to change their mind. But mom said if we were getting a pet we’re going to adopt from a shelter instead. She said there are lots of shelters full of animals waiting for a good home. In fact in 2017 120000 cats and dogs (33000 dogs and 87000 cats) were taken in at shelters across Canada.* That’s a whole lot of pets in need of a loving family. 

So this week I’ll be doing my research with the help of my big sister Vicky to find the perfect place to find my perfectly awesome new dog!

Keep your eyes open for updates and if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

Bye for now!


* Source: Humane Canada