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Why We Love Travel Insurance (and you should too!)

Imagine this: You’re on the trip of a lifetime with your spouse. You’re far inside the Peru border near a remote village. You’ve been hiking for…

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8 Old-School Kid Friendly Games to Play While Travelling

These days nearly everyone has smartphones dvd players and iPads to keep them entertained on long road trips. But when everyone is glued to their…

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9 Kid-Friendly Western Canada Campgrounds

BRITISH COLUMBIA CAMPGROUNDS  Green Point Campground  What makes this site excellent for families is the many different activities to enjoy along with the gorgeous natural…

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June Car Shows Cruises and Show & Shines

Start polishing those cars – June is a very busy month for car shows cruises and show & shines all over western Canada. Below you…

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Should I add my travel trailer to my home insurance policy?

You’ve bought a travel trailer and now you can’t wait to hit the road to try it out. But before you get started you should have your…

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Top 10 Alberta Campgrounds That You Didn’t Know About

In a province with so much natural beauty it’s no surprise that Alberta has many wonderful campgrounds to enjoy. We know that picking from the…

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Boat Insurance FAQ: What happens when you get into an accident?

Water and the marine environment can be harsh and unforgiving to the unprepared. About 40% of drowning deaths in Canada involve boaters and even when such an…

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May Car Shows and Show & Shines in Alberta and British Columbia

This year the good weather came early but usually the May long weekend marks the start of getting to enjoy outdoor activities like having a…

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5 Tips on Snowbirding with Your RV

Winter is coming and that means it’s time to pack up the RV and head south. To make the trip memorable here’s a few quick…

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