Insuring Your Cabin in BC

By viola wallace | December 7, 2017

If you’re planning on buying or building a seasonal home such as a cabin or have already bought one the first thing that should be on your mind is insurance. There are many different types of coverage available and if you’re finding it difficult to decide on what’s the right coverage for you contact your broker as soon as possible. They will help you make the right choice and provide you with all the information you need.

If you’ve been doing some research you will have noticed that not all insurance policies are created equal. Some have certain features that others lack. For example a particular policy might not include bylaws coverage while another does. Bylaws coverage is important as it can prevent additional costs when making your cabin meet building standards after a loss. Often standard insurance policies will cover your cabin from fire damage but not from water damage. The kind of coverage you get will also vary depending on what kind of dwelling you have. Mobile home insurance mainly covers contents whilst park model insurance can differ vastly from company to company. Often insuring your park model will cover things like replacement coverage and emergency accommodations.

Insuring Your Cabin In BC: Different Considerations

Insuring a cabin is different to insuring a house because of a few key reasons. Mainly cabins are typically far from fire services. If you’re extremely unlucky you may have to save your cabin yourself. While a fire might not seem like something to be too concerned about since you intend to take proper precautions the fact is that most cabins rely on wood burning for heat so fire is a real risk. 

Distance also matters. Insuring your cabin can be more expensive if it’s not connected to a road or is difficult to get to for at least half the year. On the plus side however such distance may mean that you do not have to deal with vandalism when your cabin is vacant.

As cabins are not always occupied that can affect your insurance too. There’s always the risk of damage regardless of how long your cabin is vacant. It is a good idea to take out water damage coverage for your cabin as the risk of water damage increases dramatically in the winter. Frozen pipes could burst costing you a lot more money than you care to spend.

What’s Covered by Insurance for Your Cabin in BC?

As I’ve mentioned previously due to the risk fire coverage comes as standard. Additionally water damage coverage is available to protect you from the risk of burst pipes and more. Vacant home coverage is also something to strongly consider as many insurance policies don’t cover vacant properties because your insurer may see them as properties that attract risks such as thieves and vandals along with other liability issues.

There are different insurance packages available for every kind of cabin. For example mobile home coverage often covers contents as that is generally the most valuable thing.  Additional coverages to consider when purchasing insurance for your cabin include watercraft coverage just in case your boat is damaged and insurance for detached private structures like garages sheds and boathouses. If you have any of these it is definitely worth considering for peace of mind. And even if you don’t having your cabin itself insured is a very necessary and rewarding step.

Fortunately the process is not difficult especially with a knowledgeable insurance broker on your side. Simply contact your broker to guide you through the process once you make the decision to buy or build a cabin for you and your family’s enjoyment.