Insuring an RV on a Seasonal Lot 

By Sam Lemna | March 21, 2021

With the difficulty of securing campsites, many Albertans are opting to buy a seasonal lot for their RV. You also might love a specific area, don’t want to haul your trailer every weekend, want to save money, or want access to extra amenities. Regardless of the reason, seasonal lots can be a fantastic option. However, you may not realize that a seasonal lot can impact your RV insurance. We’ll explain how in this article.  

Seasonal Versus Permanent RV Lots 

You may purchase a seasonal or a permanent lot for your RV. But what’s the difference? Well, a seasonal lot usually offers three scenarios: 

  1. You rent the lot for a single camping season (usually May to October), removing your RV at the end of the season. 
  2. You rent or own the lot but must remove your RV at the end of every camping season. 
  3. You rent or own the lot and can keep your RV there year round, but the campground is only open seasonally.  

A permanent lot generally offers year-round access to your RV. There’s no real difference for your RV insurance unless your unit is blocked and skirted. 

Does getting a seasonal lot affect your RV insurance? 

Yes, a seasonal lot can affect your RV insurance in the following ways: 

  • Most resorts require you to carry premises liability 
  • You may need additional coverage for your deck, sheds and other outbuildings 
  • If it’s within 100m of water, you may have flood coverage restrictions with some insurers 
  • You may be eligible for a discount 

What insurance do you need for an RV parked on a seasonal lot? 

We recommend having an RV insurance policy that can adequately cover: 

  • Premises Liability 
  • Physical Damage to the RV 
  • Contents 
  • Outbuildings (sheds, decks, etc) 

You can contact us to get a quote or discuss your options. We work with a few different RV insurance companies and will find you the best coverage for a competitive price. 

Are there any discounts for parking your RV on a seasonal lot? 

Yes, some insurers offer discounts for parking your RV on a seasonal lot. In some cases, your RV has to be blocked and skirted with an approved material. 

Do you need to move your RV or have it checked on if at a seasonal lot? 

It isn’t an insurance requirement to check on your RV, as long as there is an intent to return. Many owners do still regularly check on their RV.  

We do recommend you winterize and maintain your RV. Damage caused by a lack of maintenance or repeated seepage and leakage are not covered by RV insurance. 

Some campgrounds and resorts do have specific requirements that you must follow. You may need to remove your RV once the camping season is over. 

Can I just add my RV to my home insurance if it’s on a seasonal lot?

Not all home insurers allow you to add your RV to your policy. If they do allow it, the coverage tends to be much more limited than with an RV insurance policy. For example, there may be a limit of days you can use your RV and be covered, you may not have coverage for outbuildings, or you may not have enough coverage to repair or replace your RV, its contents and outbuildings.