How to Prevent RV Theft in Alberta 

By Sam Lemna | September 2, 2021

Many Albertan enjoy camping and are mostly able to get along with their neighbours, whether they’re in the next campsite or five kilometres away on crownland. Campers mostly operate on mutual respect and trust – and that trust is shattered when their RV is stolen.  

Unfortunately, RV theft has been on the rise in the last few years. This is likely because so many Albertans enjoy camping and thieves have identified RVs as an easier target with valuables they can sell off.  

In this article, we’ll discuss what makes your RV a target and how to prevent RV theft in Alberta. 

Why Your RV is a Target for a Thief 

RVs are a popular target for thieves for a few potential reasons: 

  • There’s a lack of security protecting the unit and your valuables.  
  • They’re often left unsupervised at a storage lot or while you’re away from your campsite.  
  • There can be a lot to sell on, including catalytic converters, camping gear, electronics and more. 

Even the unit itself can be valuable. The pandemic pushed many Albertans to start camping and the demand for RVs was sky-high while supplies were impacted by labour and material shortages. That meant a used RV could fetch an excellent price. 

How to Prevent RV Theft in Alberta Storage Lots 

Many RV thefts in Alberta are from storage lots where the RV is stored during the winter or when it’s not used. As many of us can’t park our RVs in a garage, driveway or on the street, there may not be an alternative – and parking on the street may not be safer, anyways. 

The first step to preventing RV theft from a storage lot is to choose the best one you can find and afford. Ideally, it will have: 

  • Gated access (preferably requiring a code or sign in system). 
  • Cameras. 
  • Security lighting.  
  • Full perimeter fencing. 
  • Alarms if a gate or fence line is broken. 

A real bonus is if it has security patrols.  

You can also implement your own theft prevention measures while your RV is parked at the storage lot. This includes: 

  • Wheel clamps. 
  • Steering wheel locks. 
  • Hitch locks. 
  • GPS/tracking device (so you can find the unit if it’s stolen). 
  • Alarm system. 

You should also remove all valuables from your RV in the event it’s broken into. 

How to Prevent RV Theft in Alberta Campgrounds or Crownland 

If you’re out camping, there are still quite a few ways you can help prevent the theft of your RV, whether you’re in a campground or on crownland.  

Prevention measures include: 

  • Locking up your RV when you leave.  
  • Get to know any neighbours and have them keep an eye on your RV whenever you’re gone. 
  • If you have public social media profiles (or aren’t picky about who follows you), be careful about what you share. If someone knows you’re away from your RV they may target it.  
  • Use wheel clamps. 
  • Use a steering wheel lock or hitch lock when you’re not at your campsite. 
  • Install a GPS tracker.  
  • Install a loud alarm.  
  • Install deadlocks.  
  • Take anything valuable with you when you leave.  
  • Make your RV look occupied even if you’re not there by leaving a light on or music playing.  

Am I covered if my RV is stolen?  

Even with all the security measures in the world, you may still be a victim of RV theft in Alberta. If that’s the case, will it be covered by your insurance? That entirely depends on if you’ve insured your RV and the individual wordings of your policy. 

Our RV insurance does cover theft of your RV as well as the theft of its contents.  

If your RV is stolen, you should contact the police and your insurance company right away.  

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