How to Child-Proof an RV

By | August 13, 2019

A kid’s curiosity plus their mobility equals a serious talent for getting into scrapes tumbles and generally causing mom or dad to get grey hair. Just like you child-proof your home you should also child-proof your RV. We’ll list out potential hazards as well as ways to help prevent your kid from injuring themselves. By the end you’ll know how to child-proof an RV! 

Potential Hazards in an RV for Kids

  • Sharp edges
  • Slamming fingers in drawers cupboards and doors
  • Stove and oven
  • Sinks
  • Toilet
  • Tripping or slipping
  • Falling from the bed
  • Getting outside or falling via the windows or exterior doors
  • Outlets
  • Chemicals sharp objects and other things kids shouldn’t touch

How to Child-Proof an RV

1. Child-proof latches and locks. 

These are your best friend for child-proofing an RV. Secure them on all drawers cupboards and doors you don’t want your explorer getting into. You can also install a finger-pinch guard on those you’re leaving open. 

You should also install a latch on your RV’s toilet to prevent anyone from creating an impromptu water table losing a toy or falling in. 

You can install a bolt lock or hitch latch on your screen door to prevent escapes too. Ensure it’s high enough that it can’t be reached even if your little one tries to climb. There are also a number of other ingenious methods to secure your screen door – or simply close the outside door and lock it. 

2. Be careful where you store things.

In addition to cupboard latches or locks you should always be careful where you store dangerous materials such as cleaning items sharp objects and other things your kids shouldn’t touch. Storing these items out of reach in a locked or latched cabinet is a good start. You can also store these items in your RV’s external under-storage which are usually lockable. 

Always store heavy items low-down to prevent things from falling. You can also put in anti-slip material in your cupboards to help keep things where they should be. Using storage containers can also help. 

3. Install plug covers on all outlets.

Just like in your home plug or outlet covers are a good precaution. Make sure you install them on all outlets or any that could be reached by some clever climbing. 

4. Soften edges and corners.

You can blunt sharp edges and corners with edge bumpers foam or even pool noodles.

5. Install a guard on any bed ledges or stairs. 

Many RVs have bunk beds or even beds that are higher up. This is an obvious fall hazard. How you child-proof this part of your RV depends on how it is laid out. Some suggestions include using baby or pet gates bed rail guards netting or building your own rail or gate. Some pad the area below the bed just in case. 

Stairs are another potential hazard. You can install railings or netting or use gates to block them off. 

6. Child-proof the RV windows. 

The hazards with windows include pushing out a screen and falling out getting tangled in shade strings and getting blinded by the sun as you drive. You can child-proof the RV windows by using window locks or wedges. You can also tie up or clip the strings. 

7. Child-proof the stove/oven.

Using range knob covers an oven lock and a stove guard you can child-proof the stove/oven. Never leave it unattended if you’re cooking however. 

8. Lock and put covers over external RV features.

Child-proofing your RV on the outside is generally easier than the inside. Most cupboards are lockable. You can install a gate or plywood over the ladder if you have one. You can install a gate around any other hookups or otherwise enforce a “no-play” zone around them. 

Tips for Child-Proofing Your RV

  • Pinterest has a lot of do-it-yourself options
  • Bring a travelling high chair to make meals easier
  • Install night lights in your RV to prevent bumps and falls in the night
  • Get into the mind of your kid – and to their height!
  • Don’t forget that kids love to climb
  • Consider allowing shoes on inside for extra traction if you have linoleum floors to prevent falls
  • Have a walk-only rule inside
  • Stay organized and tidy – easier said than done especially when you’re camping with kids but it helps reduce tripping hazards and keeps things out of the hands of curious kids
  • A playpen is a great idea when they’re young
  • Always supervise and never leave them unattended for any period of time

There’s always risk with kids but with these child-proofing tips your RV should be a little safer for your family to enjoy.