Helpful Apps to Use While Travelling Abroad

By joanne lemna | July 14, 2016

  Travelling abroad is becoming increasingly easy. The internet makes it simple to research plan and book a trip. You have access to thousands of websites with recommendations from locals other travellers and tourism professionals. You even have travel insurance to cover you should something go wrong!

There are also a lot of helpful travel phone apps to have on your phone. Most of these work offline which is super handy if you don’t have wi-fi access or an overseas data plan – which let’s face it can be extremely expensive. These apps will help you get around find the perfect place to stay or visit communicate with locals or your family back home and keep you organized. The majority of these helpful travel apps are free highly recommended and available on both iPhone and Android devices. (If you’re looking more for camping apps check out our list here .)

Planning Apps

Tripcase.pngTrip Case

This app helps you keep all your important information in one place – it’s organized easy to access and you can even share it with friends and family. It allows you to automatically import or manually input your travel plans and store all your important travel documents. There’s a handy countdown feature and the app remembers places along the way and allows you to check the weather and search for alternate flights. One of the best features is the option to share your plans with others or even keep them notified when you arrive at your destination!

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Tripit.pngTrip It

Trip It is another planner app. Create your itinerary yourself or let the app do it and then share it with your family and friends. You can even access your plans and documents offline. While the free version is adequate the pro version takes this app to a whole new level if you’re a frequent flyer. It allows you to receive real-time flight alerts search for alternate flights get notified if better seats are available track your reward program points and more. It’s also ad-free. 

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This app is unique as it gives recommendations based on you and your preferences. It provides guides maps and reviews of places and is available online and offline. It’s a great way to plan a trip tailored to your interests.

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Map Apps

google-maps-icon-2015.pngGoogle Maps

While this app is an obvious favourite at home it’s also useful abroad – whether you use it offline or navigate via GPS. If you have wi-fi or a data plan you can use it as normal to navigate by car walking or public transit.

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city-maps-2go.pngCity Maps 2 Go

This app allows you to download city maps with offline capabilities. This is handy when you’re trying to navigate in a foreign country! It also includes guide information directions and a search function. You can even plan trips and customize your maps using pins.

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Places to Stay

If you have a favourite hotel chain make sure to download their app. Make reservations get access to deals and collect points while doing it.  Here are a few other apps that help you find the best place to stay:

Hostelbookers-logo-design-lucky-generals.pngHostel World

This app lets you find the best hostels to stay at with tons of information pictures and reviews. It allows you to book through the app and get prices in your currency of choice. Sort by rating price or location to find the perfect place to stay.

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Airbnb.jpgAir BnB

Stay where the locals are with this app which allows you to rent a room suite or even a whole apartment or house. With lots of variety in price location and types of places to stay Air BnB is a great alternative to hotels. The app is easy to use and all entries have lots of details and pictures.

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Uber lets you find a ride no matter where you are. While this app isn’t available in all cities it is a popular form of transportation in many of them. It’s easy to pick your driver arrange pick-up times and save money.

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Search flights hotels and rental cars to find the most convenient and cheapest options. Kayak allow you to book through the app or go to the company’s website to make your reservation. You can also use this app to organize your itinerary and get real-time flight alerts. There are a ton of extra features and more are added with every update. 

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Another app that allows you to search flights hotels and rental cars to find the best option for you. Filter by location price and features are available.

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Google_Translate_Icon.pngGoogle Translate

If you’re travelling to a country where English isn’t the first language it’s always useful to have a good translation app. While far from perfect Google Translate continues to set the bar in this category. It translates from any language into English or vice versa. One of the coolest features is being able to take pictures and have the app translate them for you. Very handy!

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Attractions Restaurants

Urban Spoon.jpgUrban Spoon

If you’re looking for a good restaurant this app is for you. It allows you to find the perfect restaurant through reviews and ratings by critics foodies and regular customers. Pictures and menus are available for many of the restaurants as well. Filter by location if you want something nearby or search in other locations if you’re planning for your trip. You can even book a table if you’re in the US Australia and the UK.

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trip-advisor.jpgTrip Advisor

Find restaurants hotels tours and attractions through this app. Users rate and review each place providing descriptions pictures and opinions of their experiences. Booking options are available through the app which also offers downloadable and searchable maps.

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Around-Me.pngAround Me

If you’re looking for the nearest restaurants ATMs banks gas stations hotels and movie theatres this is the app for you. It provides GPS directions and the option to make bookings and reservations.

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Most apps recommend restaurants but this one is a bit different – it focuses on individual dishes. Type in what you’re craving and it will find the places with that dish along with a picture and review. Even better all the reviews focus on the positive – no wasting your time sorting through bad reviews! You can also find a place to eat by searching by location. Bookmark your favourite dishes or follow friends or experts for their recommendations. After you’ve found a place make sure to share your own review!

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Use wi-fi and data to text and call your friends and family back home and stay in touch with anyone you meet along the way. These apps are easy-to-use as well as widespread and are very similar to your phone’s regular texting and calling but won’t cost you a cent. Our favourites are What’s App and Viber and of course Skype.


Use this app to text call and video call your friends and family. You can use wi-fi or pay to use the app like a regular phone. This app works best if you have a strong internet connection and is always nice to have if you are feeling lonely or missing home.

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This is a word processing app that allows you to type out notes and lists. You can also save pictures and add captions save everything online and share with others. It’s great when you’re on the go but need to jot down something important.


Google Drive

Store your important documents and access them from anywhere.



Make sure to have your bank’s app in case you need to check your finances while on the trip. Track your expenses pay your bills and make sure your credit card hasn’t been stolen or overcharged.  Be sure to be careful if using a public wi-fi connection as they may not be as secure as you think!

Travel Money

This is a budgeting app that tracks your money and expenses and performs currency exchange services. You can also track the expenses and spending of groups and share your records with others.